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Tesla is the most well-known EV automaker in America, and it wasn’t that long ago that the company talked about its “secret master plan” for EVs in America. That plan ultimately ends with Americans driving EVs, and that’s only really possible if drivers can afford to buy one. This is where the upcoming so-called Tesla Model 2 comes in, and although next to nothing is known about this EV, there is one thing that we and everyone else should expect from it.

The one thing everyone should expect from the Tesla Model 2

Top Speed wrote about the upcoming Tesla Model 2, and overall, there’s a lot of uncertainty about what the EV will be when it finally debuts. It doesn’t even have a name yet, and the Model 2 name is just the name that Tesla fans and the media have more or less agreed to use. Although its official name is unknown right now, what is almost certain is its price tag.

Everyone should expect that the Model 2 debuts with a price tag of about $25,000. It could be a few thousand dollars off, but that is the neighborhood that’s widely expected from the Model 2. The main reason why everyone expects that from the Model 2 is because that’s its main goal in terms of how it separates itself from other EVs.

It’s no secret that EVs are expensive right now, and most EVs cost the same as a luxury car. That’s not going to be affordable for the average American. That’s where entry-level cars like the Model 2 come along. If the Model 2 lives up to the $25,000 expected price tag, then it’ll be a cheap enough EV for many Americans. 

How the Tesla Model 2 can separate itself from the Model 3 and other similar EVs

If the Model 2 can live up to that $25,000 expectation, then it will set itself apart from the current cheapest Tesla that’s available. Right now, the cheapest Tesla is the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive. It costs just over $40,000, which means that, if the Model 2 were to debut today, then it’d be about $15,000 cheaper than the cheapest Model 3. 

That cheap Model 3 isn’t a bad EV though, as even with its standard powertrain, it still gets 272 miles of range. That’s a great amount of range for an EV. This is likely the other area where the Model 2 will differentiate itself from the Model 3.

Unless some new battery tech comes along, the Model 2 will almost certainly have a weaker powertrain and shorter range than its peers. Cheap EVs from other automakers get about 200 miles of range, so this would be a good target for the Model 2.

When car shoppers should expect to see the Tesla Model 2 


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Presently, it’s unknown when Tesla will start selling the Model 2. As Tesla fans may be aware, the company has been going through some growing pains, and this is seen with the multiple delays that the Cybertruck has been hit with. Building huge numbers of cars is a complex process, and Tesla has to do that in multiple countries outside of the U.S. too. 

As a result, there is no info from Tesla about when the Model 2 will start production, or when it’ll be revealed. Tesla fans and analysts have guessed, though. 2026 is the year that Top Speed mentioned in its article, but that’s just a rumor for now.

The automaker may reveal the Model 2 next year, but it’ll still take a while to ramp up production for the affrodable EV.