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Tesla has long been known for its cutting-edge technology and innovative design. They have led the march toward electric vehicles for years. When it comes to safety, Tesla has drawn criticism in the past. However, one Tesla appeared on the Car and Driver’s Safest Cars of 2022 list. 

The advancement of standard safety features

A red 2022 Tesla Model 3, one of the safest cars of 2022, parked on a white circle platform.
2022 Tesla Model 3 | Getty Images

Through the years, the standard safety features in vehicles have been significantly better thanks to advancements in technology and a growing awarenes of the importance of road safety. Airbags, seat belts, and anti-lock braking systems, which have been around for some time, have been greatly improved.

Several developing safety features are also standard or available on many vehicles today to help avoid a traffic accident or protect the occupants in the event of a collision. 

Blind-spot monitoring systems use sensors to monitor a vehicle’s blind spots and alert the driver if another vehicle is in the blind spots to help reduce the likelihood of an accident. Electronic stability control helps the driver control their vehicle during abrupt maneuvers like swerving to avoid an obstacle. Sensors alert the driver of loss of traction and can even activate the brakes on individual wheels to keep the vehicle on course.

Features like forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assist are common s ndard features on newer vehicles.  These systems are designed to let the driver know of potential collision situations and to quickly steer or brake if the driver doesn’t act promptly.

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 is on the safest cars list

Car and Driver say the Model 3 is an affordable way for many average consumers to own a Tesla. The accessible pricing and a solid combination of driving range and performance, makes the 2022 Tesla Model 3 an appealing EV, even for those new to electric vehicles. The Model 3 was fast and agile enough to make Car and Driver‘s 2022 Editors’ Choice list.  

When it comes to safety, the Model 3 earned Good ratings in all six crash tests used by IIHS with Superior ratings for vehicle-to-vehicle and veh cle-to-pedestrian crash avoidance. It earned an Advanced rating for vehicle-to-pedestrian avoidance. The agency only gave it an Acceptable rating for its LATCH anchors, which were a bit annoying.

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 offers an impressive array of safety features, including standard adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, and lane-departure warning.

What’s new for the 2023 Tesla Model 3?

There are no changes for the 2023 Tesla Model 3 though Car and Driver say there may be a styling refresh for the electric sedan soon. 

The Tesla Model 3 was a game-changer in the electric vehicle arena. It offers a thrilling driving experience, impressive driving range, and a price tag that is not out of ordinary folks’ reach. Even with all the new EV entries on the market, like the Hyundai Ioniq 6 or Polestar 2, it’s hard to beat. 

Still, Car and Driver say the build quality for their test car is “so-so.” While many may prefer the Model Y SUV, they find the Model 3 fun to drive and a great car to live with. The Long Range model offers a 358-mile driving range, making it th ir choice for the best one to buy. With a range like that, the vehicle wouldn’t have to be charged daily for some.


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