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Today, just about everything is polarizing, from politics to global warming. If there’s one thing that Americans can agree on, it’s that we all enjoy saving money on gas. Millions of drivers will choose gas stations with more affordable prices over ones that are closer and more expensive. Gas prices have hit historic highs in recent years. California is notorious for its high fuel costs. One state just surpassed Cali in terms of high gas prices.

Which state has the highest gas prices?

California gas prices are so high that they’d bring tears to the eyes of drivers in the South and Midwest. The west coast is home to some of the most expensive gas prices in the country. Some electric vehicles, like the Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1, are specifically marketed to drivers living in regions with high gas prices.

Another western state has now claimed the throne for the most expensive gas prices in America. According to, gas prices in Washington state at the time of publishing are $4.96 a gallon. That’s over $1.38 more than the national average gas price of $3.58. Some states, like North Carolina, are selling gas for as low as $3.30 a gallon. California gas prices are around $4.85, making Washington state the new most expensive state to buy gas in.

So, nearly $5.00 a gallon is objectively high, but how do we contextualize gas prices in a way that allows us to understand the true cost of refueling for American drivers? The simplest way is to calculate how much it costs to refuel the most popular gas vehicles in Washington state.

How much does it cost to refuel a Toyota RAV4 in Washington?

A white 2023 Toyota RAV4 small SUV is driving through water.
The 2023 Toyota RAV4 | Toyota

Just as California was dethroned by Washington as the state with the highest gas prices, the Toyota RAV4 was recently dethroned as the best-selling vehicle in America by the Tesla Model Y. It remains the best-selling internal combustion engine vehicle in America. The 2023 Toyota RAV4 has a 14.5-gallon gas tank. If gas is $4.96 a gallon in Washington state, then it costs roughly $71.92 to refuel a new RAV4 in Washington state.

Based on the national average gas price of $3.58 (at the time of publishing), it costs $51.91 to refuel the RAV4 on average in America. So, drivers in Washington state are paying $20.01 more to refuel the popular small SUV than the average American RAV4 driver.

Gas prices in Washington state are so high that many consumers may consider hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric alternatives instead of popular internal combustion engine vehicles. Part of the reason that the Tesla Model Y is outselling the RAV4 is due to thousands of drivers overcoming range anxiety and an overall apprehension to electrification.

An affordable hybrid SUV to combat high gas prices

A blue 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid is driving on the road, it's an excellent option in the states with the highest gas prices.
The 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid | Kia

Washington state’s gas prices may be sky-high, but there are plenty of hybrid options on the market that can help drivers cut costs. Best of all, many of these options are affordable.

The 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid isn’t pricey, and it has great fuel economy. It starts at just $27,490. The Sportage Hybrid gets 43 miles per gallon combined and has a 13.7-gallon tank. So, it costs around $67.95 to refuel a Sportage Hybrid in Washington state, but the small hybrid SUV gets an incredible 589 miles of driving range. More driving range ultimately means fewer trips to the gas station. If you’re worried about the cost of gas in your home state, the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid is a great option.


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