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One of the most prominent points critics of electric vehicles like to make is that they can’t go very far. However, that is quickly unwinding as an argument. Furthermore, as charge rates continue to increase, EVs are quickly knocking down their drawbacks. Though they still aren’t perfect, the numbers are getting quite impressive. Here are the five longest-range EVs you can buy in 2022.

Lucid Air – 520 miles

Lucid Air drives on mountain roads
Lucid Air | Lucid

According to KTLA News, the Lucid Air is currently the only production EV to surpass the 500-mile mark on a full charge. That’s certainly no undertaking. However, its charge range isn’t the only lofty number lining its spec sheet.

The Air’s minimum charge range is 471 miles, while its max is an impressive 520 miles. That’s pretty impressive for a car that also comes with between 800 and 1,080 horsepower.

Don’t go planning on picking one up instead of a Corolla, though. Prices for the lucid air range from $139,000 to $169,000.

Tesla Model S – 405 miles

Front angle view of red 2022 Tesla Model S, highlighting how you can buy an EV that isn't sold in your state
2022 Tesla Model S | Tesla

Obviously, you can’t make a list about EVs that doesn’t involve a Tesla. That is unless that list is specifically about EVs that aren’t Teslas.

Though not quite as insane as the 500-plus mile range of the Lucid Air, the trusty old Tesla Model S has a maximum range of 405 miles, with a minimum coming in at 396. They’re available with anywhere from 670 horsepower to 1,020 horsepower.

They’re a bit more affordable than the Lucid Air, too. The Model S price range spans from $99,490 to $134,490.

Of course, the word “affordable” is loosely used here.

Audi E-Tron S – 226 Miles

Blue 2022 Audi e-tron SUV Posed
2022 Audi e-tron SUV | Audi

The Audi E-Tron S has an impressive showing for the iconic four rings.

Available with 496 horsepower and all the luxurious interior tidbits you’d expect to find in an Audi, the E-Tron S nets between 344 and 372 miles on a single charge. That’s a pretty substantial jump from the 218-mile range of its cheaper E-Tron Sportback counterpart.

Tesla Model 3 – 358 miles

Tesla Model 3 best value EV
Tesla Model 3 | Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, Tesla is on the list more than once. Nobody can argue that the EV giant isn’t good at what it does. That’s reflected in the Model 3, too, as it is by far and away the most sold electric car in the world.

With between 201 and 450 horsepower on tap, the Model 3 lineup offers between 272 and 358 miles on a charge.

Of course, the real selling point of the Model 3 is the pricing. Starting at just $46,490 and spanning to $58,990, the Tesla Model 3 is undoubtedly the most affordable EV that gives you anywhere near this kind of range.

Mercedes-Benz EQS 450 – 350 miles

2022 Mercedes Benz EQS rear view
2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ rear view | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

The much-anticipated Mercedes EQS 450 comes with between 329 and 516 horsepower on tap. Like the Audi, it also features all the bells and whistles you’d suspect in association with the classy and luxurious standards of Mercedes-Benz.

The EQS 450 offers between 340 and 350 miles of range on a full charge.

Like the Lucid and Model S, though, it sits in a pricing category that’s out of reach for most. The EQS 450 starts at $102,310 and goes up to $119,110.

Honorable mention: Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck on the road. driving clean with zero emissions
Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck | Ford

Though it doesn’t crack the top five, the new F-150 Lightning electric pickup is certainly worth noting here. It has a range of up to 320 miles and a starting price of just $39,974. That’s not just impressive for the price point; it’s especially impressive for a full-size pickup truck!

Ultimately, as technology develops, the available range for electric vehicles is going to continue to get more and more absurd. For now, though, these five are the top contenders for 2022.


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