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Vehicle reliability and maintenance costs are essential factors when purchasing a new or used car. Here, we’ll explore how the brand Hyundai fares regarding annual repairs. Let’s look at the most expensive and least expensive used models to maintain from the automaker. 

Annual maintenance and repair costs for the Hyundai brand

Annually, Hyundai vehicles will cost approximately $468 for regular maintenance and repair. One of the most expensive tasks across the Hyundai lineup is replacing the heater core and fuel pump. Heater cores can become more costly if the problems aren’t addressed promptly. 

When a heater core fails, a coolant smell will permeate the interior of the vehicle, and it could cause your engine to overheat or become damaged, especially if it’s not treated. If it’s addressed quickly, it would cost around $1,008 to $1,228 to replace, according to RepairPal.

Replacing a fuel pump is another large repair ticket job. If you notice fuel leaking where the fuel pump is located on your vehicle, the part is likely failing and needs to be replaced. If that’s the case, you can expect to pay around $1,263 to $1,475 to remove the faulty pump and install a new one. 

The cheapest maintenance tasks are tire balancing and diagnosing the powertrain control system. If your powertrain has an issue, it will show up as a check engine light on your dash. 

An onboard diagnostic reader will scan the car’s computer to determine what codes are being triggered, and a mechanic can inform you what the problem is. Actual repair costs for this will depend on the situation and what’s involved in the repair. This will run you about $44 to $56.

Tire balancing is the cheapest maintenance task you can have performed on your vehicle. For $26 to $33, a specialist will balance your tires to ensure proper tire wear. Other maintenance tasks and repairs seen with this brand include brake master cylinder replacement, throttle body replacement, and air conditioning diagnosis. 

Repair costs for the Hyundai Equus

An overhead shot of a black Hyundai Equus luxury sedan with Hyundai's first female vice president: Choi Myoung Wha
An overhead shot of a Hyundai Equus | SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

For the Hyundai Equus, you can expect to pay, on average, around $976 annually. Problems and maintenance tasks for this model range from diagnosis of the anti-theft system to a blower motor replacement. 

The most expensive repair reported for the model is a replacement of the air compressor in the active suspension system. Installing a new one will cost you about $4,391 to $4,463 with parts and labor combined. 

The cheapest maintenance task for the Equus is a simple headlight adjustment, which can run you around $35 to $44. Other duties include the replacement of the exhaust muffler, fuel level sending unit, and coolant reservoir. 

Which Hyundai model has the least expensive annual repair costs?

Regarding Hyundai’s lineup of vehicles, the one model that will cost you the least in annual repair and maintenance tasks is the Scoupe. On average, you can expect to pay about $283 annually to maintain it. 

This model’s repairs include replacements of brake shoes, AC pressure switch, ignition coil, and heater core. The cheapest tasks are bleeding the clutch hydraulic system, which costs $35 to $44, and a fuel pressure test ($44 to $56). 

The replacement of the heater core is the most expensive repair running you $555 to $876 with this model. Another extensive ticket repair is an AC receiver drier assembly replacement, which can run you from approximately $686 to $695 on the Hyundai Scoupe. 

Regarding Hyundai’s vehicles, you can expect annual maintenance and repair costs to be relatively low on average. However, some repairs can cost you quite a bit more than others. The Equus costs the most for regular maintenance tasks, while the Scoupe generally is the least expensive. 

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