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As the Latin word for “horse,” the Hyundai Equus boasts all the luxury of your favorite luxury brands, with all the power and beauty you need. The Equus was Hyundai’s first attempt at entering the luxury car world, and it didn’t disappoint.

Even though 2016 was the last model year produced, the Equus is still more luxurious than ever. With all the features and benefits, plus an affordable price tag, the Hyundai Equus is one of the best used luxury cars out there according to Autotrader.

1. Luxury car at a non-luxury price

Hyundai wanted to come out with a luxury sedan, without the luxury price tag. The original price of the Equus rivaled competitors, but unfortunately, the market wasn’t strong enough.

Today, that means that the value of Equus has since been driven way down. This makes buying a used Hyundai Equus more affordable than ever. And with Hyundai’s certified, pre-owned warranty, the Equus could come with up to 5 years of 60,000 miles of comprehensive coverage. Plus, 10 years or 100,000 miles of powertrain coverage.

You’ll even be treated like royalty by Hyundai dealerships, who will come pick up your car from you whenever it needs regular maintenance.

2. Spacious and comfortable drive

The Hyundai Equus is designed for a luxurious ride. The front driver and passenger seats are extra-plush and large, while the backseat may be the most comfortable place to be.

With the upgraded Equus Ultimate, the middle passenger seat is sacrificed for a world-class console with amenities like storage spaces, climate controls, stereo controls, temperature-control seats, and the “Equus screen,” which displays information and options to the rear seat.

You’ll find power seats in the front, as well as the rear, with an auto function that makes exiting the vehicle easier. The spacious trunk isn’t sacrificed for more leg room in the rear.

3. Powerful engine, transmission, and economy

A massively powerful 5.0 liter, 429 hp, V8 engine came standard in every new Hyundai Equus, putting out 376 lb-ft of torque. The acceleration is smooth and quick, with an 8-speed automatic transmission that can be switched to manual when desired.

Hyundai’s powerful engine comes with variable valve timing, tuned variable induction, and can reach 60 mph in roughly six seconds. And the fuel economy in the Equus total around 18 mpg combined.

4. Extra features you never knew you needed

Luxury cars are typically loaded with extra features and the Hyundai Equus is no exception. The driver seat can even extend out farther for taller drivers. The passenger seats also come with a footrest and the ability to recline.

The Equus also comes with front and rear cameras, a navigation feature that tells you the time to destination, emergency navigation abilities, and an active display on the gauge dashboard that shows the driver when the car needs to slow down, break, or speed up during adaptive cruise control. 

5. Luxury car with safety

The Hyundai Equus wants you to be safe while you enjoy the ride. The windows come with safety sensors. These stop each window from rolling up when it senses something is in the way. The luxury sedan also comes with nine airbags, in addition to multiple roof/side-curtain airbags.

Even the frame of the Equus is designed to disperse energy during a crash to maintain the structure. The Equus also comes equipped with blind-spot monitors and lane-departure warning systems.

Delivering a refined, quiet, and royal ride, the Hyundai Equus can give you a life of luxurious driving, without the luxurious price tag. With all the quality and convenience you’d expect from Hyundai, it’s easy to see why the Equus is one of the best luxury car bargains out there!