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Blue Beetle is one of the most anticipated films of the summer. It stars Xolo Mariduena and George Lopez. Another of the stars of the film is a popular Toyota truck. Which pickup truck is featured in the film?

What Toyota truck is in the Blue Beetle film?

Blue Beetle features a Toyota truck that gearheads know and love. George Lopez, who plays the main character’s uncle Rudy Reyes, owns a Toyota Tacoma. In the YouTube Short below, it’s described as practically one of the film’s main characters.

Product placement in blockbuster films is routine, but some vehicles are able to make a huge impact via movie appearances. Seeing a vehicle in a film can spark or reignite interest in a nameplate that consumers may not have been looking out for.

Vehicles also normally fit the scene and general tone of a film when they are written into a script. How does a Taco fit into the movie? Most great action films tend to feature one sweet ride with personality when transportation is involved. The Tacoma is known for being tough and reliable. There’s also a massive community of automotive enthusiasts that modify Tacomas.

So, the Tacoma in the film is a subtle nod to car culture, and it gives viewers a deeper insight into the character of Rudy Reyes. Who would have thought DC’s Blue Beetle would star a Taco?

Why do people love the Toyota Tacoma?

A green 2024 Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup truck is parked off-road.
The 2024 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

People love the Tacoma because it’s affordable, long-lasting, and fun to drive when properly equipped. The Toyota Tacoma is a natural off-road vehicle that can be modified to take on extreme trails. Toyota produces factory off-road configurations so even the most hardcore enthusiasts can get the Taco they want without having to do their own modifications.

The true value of the Tacoma has been a topic of conversation amongst gearheads recently when used Taco prices skyrocketed during the height of the pandemic. As off-roading becomes more popular with time, durable vehicles that can outlast rivals will become more popular. Toyota’s midsize pickup truck is truly one of a kind.

Overall, the Taco remains competitive in its segment but could use a redesign. Trucks are getting more efficient and more powerful thanks to the introduction of hybrid powertrain systems. The 2023 Tacoma has an antiquated interior compared to some of its rivals. Additionally, some consumers prefer alternatives like the Honda Ridgeline because they make more balanced daily drivers.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma is coming

After over half a decade, a new Tacoma generation is finally arriving. For the first time ever, the Taco will have an available hybrid powertrain. Furthermore, the 2024 model year also introduces a new trim level called the Trailhunter. It’s designed for extreme off-roading. Toyota is making major improvements to the nameplate across the board with the newest model year.

The latest Tacoma makes a brief appearance at the end of the film. It addresses major quality and design gripes that owners have with older model years. Will the new Toyota Tacoma dominate the competition?


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