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One of America’s favorite things to watch each year is the NFL Super Bowl. The second-best thing to watch? The commercials that run during the main event each year. Notably, automakers like Kia often run ads that are a bit more entertaining than usual during the primetime slot. As a result, it tends to be a big news item to see if each brand will run an expensive ad during the game. For the upcoming 2023 Super Bowl, Kia is confirmed to have a new commercial, while Nissan, BMW, Toyota, and more will all sit it out.

Which automaker will have a 2023 Super Bowl commercial?

As we saw last year, Kia’s marketing team carefully crafted a fun-loving dog commercial for us to enjoy during the Super Bowl. The ad showed off the brand-new EV6 all-electric crossover and gave viewers a look at a cute robot dog we couldn’t resist. According to Automotive News, for 2023’s big game, the automaker will offer another commercial, the subject of which is unknown. We wouldn’t be surprised if it were focused on the entire lineup instead of just a single model.

For example, highlighting the new Sportage redesign, the Telluride’s many annual awards, and of course, the still-intriguing electric EV6. Although the EV6 is mostly the same as last model year, there are a few changes for 2023 that may entice customers. For example, the new high-performance GT model debuted for 2023. It boosts power, has standard all-wheel drive, a sport-tuned suspension, and other sporty upgrades.

Nissan, BMW, and Toyota will sit out

The automakers confirmed to sit out on Super Bowl commercials are Nissan, BMW, and Toyota. AN confirmed that Toyota would not run an ad during the big game for the first time since 2017. “Every year, we evaluate this advertising opportunity to support upcoming product launches or key Toyota moments. This year’s timing did not align for our brand.” said the company in a statement on Friday. Toyota will soon offer significant changes to its lineup, so we suspect it’ll save an exciting ad for when something is ready. For example, an EV, a redesigned Tacoma, etc.

In addition to Toyota, Nissan, and BMW also confirmed they would not participate in the 2023 Super Bowl. BMW and Nissan each ran an ad during last year’s game, so we assume the lack of exciting news gives them no reason to pay for the slot.

Next, EV startup Polestar won’t have a commercial, though it did during last year’s NFL final. Additionally, used car retailers like CarMax, Vroom, and Carvana have each run ads in the past but have chosen to sit it out for 2023. Also confirmed to not participate in the commercials is Hyundai, which hasn’t run an ad during the game for three years.

Ford and Honda haven’t purchased a Super Bowl ad slot since 2017 and still won’t for 2023. General Motors did not reveal its Super Bowl plans to AN, and Stellantis typically reveals its decision closer to game time.

Kia has a Super Bowl ad, other automakers will sit it out

Kia and its EV6 will be seen during a 2023 Super Bowl commercial while brands like Toyota, Nissan, and BMW sit out the big game for advertising.
2023 Kia EV6 | Kia

In conclusion, it’s interesting that so many automakers have decided to sit out and skip the 2023 Super Bowl commercials. However, Kia is the only brand to confirm that it will come out swinging with another ad. Though the subject isn’t confirmed, we expect the entire Kia lineup will be shown off, and maybe the ultra-popular robot dog mascot will make its return. If you’re expecting a Toyota, BMW, Nissan, or even Polestar ad, as we’ve seen in recent model years, don’t get your hopes up.


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