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Yesterday the NHTSA released information about Tesla’s huge voluntary recall of over 2 million models. Tesla is attempting to correct driver misuse of Autosteer features. The over-the-air update delivery includes increased warnings and requests to prove an engaged, aware driver is present. Ultimately, the update will turn off Autosteer if the driver ignores these warnings.

A Tesla Model X interior dash with screen displaying the full vehicle views
Tesla Model X front interior | Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images

NHTSA campaign number 23V838000 says that 2,031,220 models manufactured between 2012 and December 7, 2023 with Autosteer are affected. The campaign includes Model 3, Model S, Model Y, and Model X.

The immediate fix is being provided today or soon after, but only to vehicles equipped with an in-cabin camera plus Autopilot Hardware 3.0 or Autopilot Hardware 4.0. Outdated hardware or systems without an in-cabin camera don’t have an immediate fix.

Tesla’s support page on the Autopilot recall states, “Remaining affected vehicles, including vehicles equipped with Autopilot Hardware 3.0 but without an in-cabin camera and vehicles equipped with Autopilot Hardware 2.5, Autopilot Hardware 2.0 or Autopilot Hardware 1.0, will receive an over-the-air software remedy at a later date.”

Historically, Tesla charged a fee for hardware updating. So, if you purchased a used Tesla with outdated hardware or never opted to update yours, you’ll have to wait.

Interestingly, a Reddit thread earlier this year positively discussed how Tesla gives folks free upgrades. If you’re due for an upgrade, you might be able to simply request one and receive a $0 estimate from Tesla. Perhaps this will allow you to get the recall fix faster. That might still leave out vehicles without an in-cabin camera. We’ll see how this unfolds.