You Could Win a New Lexus Just By Folding Some Paper

Earlier this year, during the factory closings brought upon the auto industry by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Lexus turned to the simple art of origami. In April, Lexus announced an interesting contest. As it turns out, you could win a new Lexus just by folding some paper. Origami became the new path into the seat of a new Lexus LC 500h.

The 2018 Paris Motor Show - Lexus LC 500h hybrid
A Lexus LC 500h hybrid automobile | Marlene Awaad/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Called the Origami challenge, the competition to win a 2020 Lexus LC 500h became one of the most exciting things to do in quarantine. Many people entered, but only one ultimate origami artist took the prize. Yeah… someone actually won an LC 500h by folding some paper.

‘Lexus Origami Challenge’

Inspired by the famed ‘Takumi Challenge,’ Which is a test that Lexus design artisans and craftsman have to perfect before reaching upper levels of development. The Takumi Challenge is the prompt for Lexus designers to master the craft of folding an origami cat. With their non-dominant hadn’t. In 90 seconds or less. No biggie.

This process of mastery within Lexus led to the idea for the Lexus LC 500h contest. Promoted primarily through social media, the Lexus Origami Challenge was to find the person who created the best origami masterpiece. However, the competition was only open to residents of the UK. Next, the #LexusOrigami winner was determined by choosing the best entry out of all the origami photo submissions on the Lexus UK Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook.

Who won?

So by the end of May, the results were in. In fact, the winning origami fold is incredible. In case you’ve never seen an origami dragon, here you go. It’s absolutely stunning. We can only imagine how many attempts it took to get this right.

Stunning photo of an intricate red origami dragon on a white surface.
Origami Dragon | Ashely Blumson, Lexus UK

Talk about Takumi. According to Lexus, Ashley Blumson won’t the origami challenge. We are definitely hoping that this contest will make its way outside of the UK. Ahem… USA, please? Hopefully, we will see other origami challenges come up in the future. Even the entries that didn’t win are impressive.


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