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If you’re still playing ketchup on your summer travel plans, you may be disappointed to learn that you missed out on an incr-edible Airbnb listing.

Earlier this month, Oscar Mayer announced on Twitter that for select days in early August, it would be allowing Airbnb guests to relish a night in one of its iconic Wienermobiles.

Other hot blogs, such as Hypebeast, jumped on this news fast, and the bookings were snapped up quickly by hungry guests. While you may be bunned to hear that Airbnb’s tastiest lodging option is fully booked out for early August, you can still join in on the fun by following the Wienermobile tour schedule or even applying to become a Hotdogger, yourself.

Wiener on wheels: What’s the buzz about, anyway?

Oscar Mayer has been promoting its hot dogs on America’s roadways since 1936, when a member of the Mayer family built the first prototype of the iconic vehicle. Resembling a grilled hot dog nestled between a bun, the bun serves as the chassis and the dog houses the driver and passengers.

Due to its comic appearance and strange shape, people across the United States soon began clamoring to meat the Wienermobile in person. The Wienermobile has made appearances in countless parades, community events, and other public festivities. Children are particularly enthused by this goofy vehicle, and the Wienermobile has made stops at schools, children’s hospitals, and other places where it can spread cheer. 

For decades, Oscar Mayer has continued to refine the design of its dog, and it has made adjustments in the size, shape, and chassis of the vehicle to ensure that its motorized frank was able to safely make trips across the nation. While the original Wienermobiles are now housed in car museums, there are currently 6 modern sausages that tour the country at any given time.

Doggone it, see the hottest thing on the road this summer

Today, the Wienermobile is a campy icon that boasts a large and enthusiastic fan base. In celebration of National Hot Dog Day on July 17th, Oscar Mayer announced that it was teaming up with Airbnb to offer a few dates where guests could book an overnight stay in its giant hot dog.

While Airbnb is known for offering travelers some unusual accommodations–including a real-life igloo–the Wienermobile promotion mustard be Airbnb’s weirdest listing to date.

News of the listing spread quickly, and within a week the wiener’s dates had been fully booked up. Guests of the Wienermobile can expect some of the comforts of home when they stay overnight in this delicious abode. The Wienermobile is outfitted with a full-sized bed, a cozy seating area, and plenty of hot dog-themed interior decor.

Normally, Airbnb listings do not include free meals as part of its price. However, guests of the Wienermobile will be able to feast on a fully stocked kitchen that is filled with–you guessed it–Oscar Mayer hot dogs. Hopefully, the guests like their dogs finished Chicago-style, as the Wienermobile will be parked somewhere near the Chicago area.

More chances to get fired up about the Wienermobile

While your chance to book a night in Oscar Mayer’s classic dog may have passed, there are frankly many more opportunities to drive and even live in a Wienermobile. Hot dog lovers can participate in Oscar Mayer’s Hotdogger program, which employs responsible drivers and ambassadors. The Hotdoggers travel from state to state, passing out merchandise and turning heads wherever they go. 

With a mobile app now available to track the whereabouts of the Wienermobiles as they tour around the country, it’s easier than ever to get up close and personal with one of these weird, wonderful, and wienerific vehicles.

And, who knows? If Airbnb’s promotion ends up to be a real wiener, you may see Oscar Mayer’s listing again on the site someday in the future.