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When it comes to sports cars, a lot of people tend to overlook virtually every single performance aspect to spout zero to 60 MPH times. Sure, it’s a good comparison point, but it’s not everything. That is, unless you’re talking about a team of engineers looking to set the world record for the fastest 0-60 time. In that case, it is, in fact, everything. So much so, in fact, that the car shuts down after you achieve the target speed.

This car can get from zero to 60 MPH in 0.9 seconds

Tom Scott’s YouTube channel provides you with a deep dive into virtually anything you could possibly imagine. In a recent video, though, he met up with AMZ Racing to check out its car named “Mythen.”

It is worth clarifying that this record is actually zero to 62 miles per hour. Why? Because 62 MPH is 100 kilometers per hour. That is why we use zero to 60 as a metric. With that out of the way, let’s talk about Mythen’s record. AMZ Racing currently holds the world record for the fastest zero to 100 km/h sprint. It took Mythen just 0.956 seconds to complete its run.

Truly, that’s an incredible feat. It’s so fast, in fact, that just doing it with tires is seemingly impossible. There’s no amount of grip and traction one can get from rubber on the tarmac that will allow this type of acceleration. Mythen uses a combination of extremely sticky tires, traction control, and vacuum suction to put the power to the ground.

What is a fan car? How does it allow the world’s fastest 0-60 time?

AMZ Racing Mythen, the world's fastest 0-60 time world record holder prepping to accelerate from zero to 100km/h in under one second.
Mythen, the world’s fastest accelerating car | Tom Scott, YouTube

Mythen uses “fan car” technology to achieve this rapid acceleration. This very tech is banned from Formula One and, combined with electric motors, allows some unbelievably fast acceleration.

Effectively, a skirt around the entirety of the car creates a vacuum beneath it, pulling the entire car against the ground. This way, the car isn’t entirely reliant on the ability of its tires to grip the ground and propel it forward.

Tom Scott driving AMZ Racing Mythen, the world's fastest accelerating car in Sweden
Tom Scott screaming his lungs out during acceleration | Tom Scott, YouTube

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This tech isn’t just beneficial for acceleration, either. It enhances grip in corners, too. The McMurty Speirling uses this technology as well, and it currently holds the record for the fastest Goodwood hill climb run in history.

In the video, Scott gets behind the wheel and screams his lungs out for the entire run. His weight and the weather conditions caused his run to crack 100 km/h in “only” 1.398 seconds. The acceleration looks absolutely brutal, and I only wish I could give it a shot!