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The Ram 2500 Power Wagon offers 14.2 inches of ground clearance, which was the most of any truck. Then last year startup Rivian debuted an electric midsize pickup with 14.4 inches of ground clearance. But Ram just previewed the next generation of its trucks with its “Revolution” electric concept, which rides on adjustable air suspension and 35-inch tires. Will Ram take the title for most ground clearance back from Rivian?

The Ram 2500 Power Wagon offers traditional off-road capability

A red 2022 Ram 2500 power wagon pickup truck parked on a sandy off-road trail, a snowy mountain visible in the background.
2022 Ram Power Wagon | Stellantis

The Power Wagon is the definition of “old school.” The Power Wagon was the first 4WD pickup truck built by a major automaker. Dodge invented the nameplate to bring technology it invented during WWII to a civilian market for the 1946 model year.

Today, a Power Wagon is a factory-modified Ram 2500. Ram uses tried-and-true off-road technology to increase the Power Wagon’s ground clearance. It has coil springs two inches taller than a stock Ram 2500. It also has 22-inch tires on 17-inch beadlock-capable rims. Other features include front and rear electronic locking differentials and a Warn Zeon 12 bumper winch.

While the current Power Wagon pushes traditional off-road technology to its limits with 14.2-inches of ground clearance, it also leverages modern technology to improve performance further. It has disconnecting swaybars, “Articulink” front radius arms, and Bilstein 4600 shock absorbers. But a new wave of off-road technology promises to tower over the traditional Power Wagon.

The Rivian R1T has fully adjustable suspension

A blue Rivian R1T electric pickup truck races along a beach with the water visible in the background.
2022 Rivian R1T | Jeff Johnston via Rivian

Before we get to the upcoming Ram Revolution, let’s look at the first electric pickup truck on the market: the Rivian R1T. It was the first fully electric pickup. But its segment-leading quad-motor electric drive system may actually not be its greatest innovation. The Rivian drivetrain features a fully adjustable suspension system thanks to two new technologies.

Firstly, the Rivian R1T’s four-corner air suspension, gives it 6.5 inches of height adjustment. In addition, it has adjustable hydraulic dampers instead of regular shock absorbers. This endows the truck with maximum stability, even when it’s “slammed” to the ground for aerodynamics or lifted to its full 14.4 inches for off-roading.

The Rivian’s quad-motor drive also helps with stability. Through a process called torque vectoring, it can route power to the wheels that have the most traction in real-time. It can also use its outside wheels to pull itself through a corner. Off-road this enables it to navigate slippery terrain and on-road it gives it cornering akin to a sports sedan.

Why are we bothering with the Rivian electric truck’s drivetrain? Because the next Generation of Ram 1500, the electric “Revolution,” may be very similar.

The Ram 1500 Revolution incorporates the best of all other electric pickup trucks

A promo render of the 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup truck which may offer much more ground clearance than the current 2500 Power Wagon
Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

Ram was the last American automaker to roll out an electric pickup truck concept: the Ram 1500 Revolution. But this prototype incorporates many of the best features of other electric pickup trucks on the market or in development. Ram is working on a range extender, like Ford is supposedly developing for the F-150 Lightning. It even took a design cue from a startup called Bollinger: you can drop the midgate between the bed and cab and a pass-through in the firewall to transport long items.

Stellantis has not revealed all of the specs of the Ram Revolution, which it hopes to release for the 2024 model year, so we do not know its ground clearance. We do know that it will have four-corner air suspension, which is an option on the current Ram 1500. The concept truck also has massive 35-inch tires, so we know TRX size rubber fits this chassis.

While the Rivian R1T is a midsize pickup, the Ram 1500 Revolution is a full-size truck. If it incorporates some elements of the Rivian’s suspension, such as hydraulic dampers, the result could offer much more ground clearance than the Rivian. That means it would offer more ground clearance than the current Power Wagon as well.

Next, read why the Rivian electric truck changes everything, or see the Ram Revolution for yourself in the video below:


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