Why You Should Avoid the 2012 Acura TSX

Sometimes buying a used car may seem like the best option. However, potential consumers want to be sure that they are doing the appropriate research, so they know exactly what they are getting into. Acura TSX models are a popular choice for many reasons but there is one model drivers will want to be cautious of.

The 2012 Acura TSX is associated with the worst problems among the models. Find out why the 2012 Acura TSX is less than an ideal purchase for drivers and consumers looking to invest in a used car.

What is the worst problem associated with the 2012 Acura TSX? 

When it comes to driving, safety is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the 2012 Acura TSX is linked to very concerning issues that most definitely could potentially compromise the safety of the drivers. Many Acura TSX owners began reporting issues associated with power steering failure. The scary issue soon became a frequent occurrence for Acura TSX drivers.

Luckily, drivers were able to help one another by sharing their insight and perspective. One owner shared her experience and wrote, “last Thursday my daughter had borrowed my car when suddenly, the power steering message alert came on the dash, and she said in less than one minute, she was unable to turn the corner and the car was ‘fighting’ her.”

It makes sense as to why this was the No. 1 problem associated with Acura TSX models. This information could be extremely helpful to potential buyers who are considering buying a used vehicle.

What was the second leading issue connected to the 2012 Acura TSX?

Unfortunately, the 2012 Acura TSX models demonstrated quite a few problems. The model exhibited severe issues linked to the brakes. The brakes’ inability to perform in the cold was one of the main complications that owners and drivers reported. One driver wrote, “During cold nights (-10 to -30 degrees C) after starting the car in the morning to head to work, the brake pedal would not move.”

The concerning issues regarding the brakes didn’t stop there. The brakes were also associated with electronic stability control problems. All in all, it is definitely worth noting, especially if a consumer is considering purchasing a used 2012 Acura TSX. 

What other problems are often associated with the 2012 TSX? 

Research is an invaluable tool when considering purchasing a vehicle. Even though Acura TSX models have a pretty good reputation on the market, drivers and consumers might be surprised to learn that the 2012 model has more than a few flaws. Aside from the steering failure and the braking issues, there were a few other areas of the vehicle the demonstrated troubling problems. Many owners reported issues with engine hesitation and the engine not properly working in cold conditions. 

Some of the complaints stemmed from the interior aspects of the model. A significant amount of 2012 Acura TSX owners were extremely dissatisfied with the comfort level of the seating options. A driver from New Jersey shared, “They are very hard through the lumbar area (very little padding) and have a curvature made to overarch one’s back. My butt gets squeezed down into the back of the seat, under this curvature. I cannot drive this car for more than 1h and exit without back pain.”

Drivers and consumers want to be comfortable in the car they are purchasing. On top of all of this, the 2012 Acura TSX received complaints from everything from the body paint to the seatbelts. These are just a few of the reasons drivers should be hesitant to invest in a 2012 Acura TSX.