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The C8 Corvette has had a big year so far in 2023. Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been good news. While the Corvette E-Ray reveal and Z06 deliveries are high points, exploding Z06 engines and now, a halt in C8 Corvette production have taken the wind out of Chevy’s sails.

Good news for those waiting on C8 deliveries – the production stop should only last about a week.

Supply chain issues cause C8 Corvette production to stop

In a reply to Automotive News, General Motors spokesman Dan Flores indicated that a supply chain issue is to blame for the production halt. Flores declined to add any further information, but did say that semiconductor chips are not the cause for this week’s production issues.

Separately, GM spokesperson Rachel Bagshaw stated that supply chain and engineering teams were working together to meet C8 Corvette demand.

When will C8 Corvette production resume?

Corvette Z06
2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 | GM

Fortunately for those waiting on C8 Corvette reservations, the work stoppage should be short lived. As of this writing, assembly lines are set to resume on Monday, February 27. The Kentucky plant in question produces both the Corvette Stingray and Corvette Z06; however the issue doesn’t seem related to recent engine issues regarding the Z06.

Instead, an unspecified and temporary parts shortage has stalled production of the new Corvette. A short lived pause isn’t much cause for concern unless you’re one of the thousands of reservations holders waiting for a new Corvette to arrive.

This isn’t the first work stoppage for the Corvette

Unfortunately, the current C8 Corvette production pause isn’t the first for Chevy’s new supercar. Last August, another week-long stoppage arose amid similar circumstances. With global supply chain issues still prevalent, pauses like this are becoming more normalized. That is especially true of the new Corvette, which shares few parts with any of its GM siblings.

How many new Corvettes have been made at the Kentucky plant?

Corvette Z06
2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 | GM

Production of the new C8 Corvette has fluctuated since sales began in 2020. In year one, the Bowling Green plant produced just over 20,000, while 2021 production rose to over 26,000 units. However, parts shortages and a tornado hindered the factory in 2022, as it produced just 25,831 C8 models.

In each year of production, the new Corvette has seen delays for a variety of issues. The latest stoppage is the first of 2023, though it may not be the last. Global unrest and shipping constraints will likely cause continued pauses throughout the coming year. That’s bad news for Corvette buyers, as demand for custom ordered cars has risen sharply. With the Corvette E-Ray coming down the pike, that may only get worse.

Chevy’s new hybrid sports car will also come from the Bowling Green assembly line. Any future work stoppages would affect three of the C8 Corvette’s most popular variations as demand for the sports car only increases. Of course, none of this is the fault of General Motors. Global logistics problems are largely out of its control, so it is a waiting game for all involved.

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