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The cheapest Toyota truck is the mid-size Tacoma, starting at $28,580. Even upgraded with 4WD, its MSRP is $30,825. That makes it a full $10k cheaper than the full-size, 4WD Tundra ($40,865). See why some off-roaders still prefer the Tundra and how these trucks stack up to Toyota’s legendary 4WD SUVs.

A 4WD Toyota Tundra’s MSRP is $40,865

A red Toyota Tundra pickup truck shows off its off-road capability as it navigates a trail through the woods.
2022 Toyota Tundra with TRD Off-Road package | Toyota

The Tundra is Toyota’s ful-size pickup truck and it was fully redesigned for the 2022 model year. The result has a twin-turbocharged V6 and 10-speed automatic transmission in place of the old V8/six-speed setup. It also enjoys lots of off-road driver aid software previously only available on the Tacoma. Toyota tried to address the problems with off-roading in a full-size truck by offering a forward-facing trail cam in its 4WD Tundra.

The 2023 Toyota Tundra’s SR trim, a work truck with a de-tuned engine of the standard V6 engine, starts at $38,195. Upgrading to 4WD costs $2,670, so the MSRP for a 4WD Tundra is at least $40,865.

The top-trim offroad Tundra is the TRD Pro. Its 2023 MSRP is $69,420. The TRD Pro does offer FOX racing shocks, skidplates, and special off-road tires. But it now has to share the spotlight with the new TRD Off-Road package which offers much of the same capability at a much lower price.

See whether the TRD Off-Road package is better than the TRD Pro trim.

The 4WD Toyota Tacoma starts at $30,825

A couple sits by a campfire in the woods, their Toyota Tacoma and tent visible in the background.
2023 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

The Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling mid-size truck in the United States. The 2023 Toyota Tacoma’s MSRP is $28,580. That’s for an SR trim truck with an I4 engine. A 4WD will set you back $30,825, so the upgrade costs $2,245.

An entry-level Toyota Tacoma SR can only tow 3,500 pounds. Upgrading to the 4.0-liter, naturally-aspirated V6 with 4WD bumps the price of the truck to $33,475. This powertrain is standard on the Tacoma TRD Pro, but that trim starts at $47,185.

The Tacoma’s V6 makes just 236 horsepower. Compare this with the Tundra’s turbocharged 3.4-liter V6, which makes between 348 and 437 horsepower depending on trim level. This powertrain reveals why some critics call the current Tacoma–running since 2015–outdated.

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How much are Toyota’s 4WD SUVs?

Toyota's four top-trim 4WD trucks and SUVs parked together off-road, all painted the same color of orange.
2023 Toyota Sequoia, Tacoma, 4Runner, and Tundra (left to right) | Toyota

The Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra are capable off-road pickup trucks. But they are far from your only 4WD Toyota options. This automaker also has an extensive SUV lineup, (including an extensive Toyota hybrid SUV lineup).

The 4Runner, sharing a chassis with the Tacoma, starts at $39,555. Why the price jump between the Tacoma and the 4Runner? The SUV’s lowest trim is an SR5 with a V6 engine, which would cost a bit extra in the Tacoma. Upgrading it to 4WD will only run you $1,875 for total new MSRP of $40,930.

Unfortunately, Toyota has discontinued the U.S. sales of its Land Cruiser SUV. This means that its only full-frame SUV based on the full-size Tundra is the Sequoia. Toyota advertises the 2023 Sequoia SR5’s MSRP as $58,365. Toyota will charge you $2,575 to add 4WD to your Sequoia, totaling $61,365.

So there you have it, all the full-frame Toyota vehicles available with 4WD, and their prices. Next, see every Toyota vehicle with a TRD Pro trim level, or watch the redesigned Tundra TRD Pro put through its paces off-road in the video below:

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