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If you’re a Subaru owner or considering owning one, you might have questions about the MySubaru mobile app. It’s the perfect connection between you and your Subaru vehicle, but what does it do exactly? The automaker lists several things owners can do with the new technology to make their car-owning life a little easier. What is the MySubaru mobile app?

MySubaru mobile app

Black cloth interior of the 2023 Subaru Legacy Premium trim level - What is the MySubaru mobile app?
2023 Subaru Legacy interior | Subaru

According to Subaru, the MySubaru app makes owning a Subaru vehicle easy. There are loads of different things you can do with it. For example, the app is filled with helpful information. Owner’s manuals and how-to videos are just a few clicks away on your mobile device for whatever questions you have about your Subaru. Additionally, MySubaru allows owners to control certain vehicle functions, schedule service, and much more.

The MySubaru app controls your vehicle

The Subaru Forester Wilderness, pictured here in blue, is one of the cheapest cars to insure
A Subaru Forester Wilderness | Subaru

One of the most convenient things you can do with the MySubaru mobile app is controlling your vehicle. For example, owners can remotely start their vehicles on their mobile devices. You no longer need a third-party key, a particular button pattern to press on the key fob, or even an extra key fob button. Instead, just pull out your cell phone or other mobile device and press the remote start button, and the ignition will turn on. Don’t worry; the app uses location to determine distance from the vehicle and keeps it locked for safety purposes.

Next, the app can remote unlock the vehicle and locate it for you. If you’re someone who forgets where you park a lot, MySubaru is the perfect solution. It’ll remember your vehicle’s location and guide you back to it. In addition, this can be helpful in case of an emergency or another reason someone would want to locate the car. Remote unlocking is just like turning your mobile device into a key fob.

Find, schedule, track, and monitor service

Controlling your vehicle is convenient, but there’s more to car ownership than fun tricks. Maintenance is the most important thing for a long-lasting, reliable vehicle. That’s why the MySubaru app provides excellent ways to care for your car. For example, owners can get real-time health notifications about the vehicle on their phones. Instead of waiting until it’s too late to repair or refill something, your pocket will get a notification, so you’ll know as soon as possible that something needs attention.

Once those notifications hit, the app easily allows you to find Subaru service centers nearby and schedule an appointment. With a few button clicks, you’ll be able to locate a service center, find an available appointment, and get ready to bring your vehicle in—all without leaving the app. Finally, service history is available in-app after the center finishes servicing the vehicle. It’s the perfect feature for maintaining, avoiding overlap, and avoiding trouble with payments, lease returns, or selling the vehicle in the future.

What is the MySubaru mobile app?

In conclusion, the MySubaru mobile app is a complete suite of excellent features for car owners. The convenient app allows you to control your car, make and monitor service appointments, and much more. Furthermore, most car owners will find it much easier to manage certain things from their mobile devices. Not to mention it could make your pockets a little lighter with things like roadside assistance and remote start available in the app.


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