What Is Considered High Mileage for a Toyota?

Reliability and longevity are two of the most important factors for many potential car buyers. And Toyota vehicles have become synonymous with reliability. So, what is considered high mileage for a Toyota?

What are the longest-lasting cars?

A silver Toyota logo on the front of a red vehicle
Toyota emblem | Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

According to an iSeeCars study of the brands that sold the most used cars with high mileage, Toyotas are some of the longest-lasting cars on the market. In fact, in 2020, 1.6 percent of used Toyotas sold had over 200,000 miles on the odometer and were still on the road, Business Insider reported.

In addition, The Drive conducted a study to find the most reliable, longest-lasting cars in each segment (SUV, truck, etc.). And Toyota models came up more than any other brand. In fact, the Lexus ES, a sedan that shares much of its design with the Avalon, won “World’s Most Reliable Car.”

When it comes to pickup trucks, Toyota dominates the list, with the Tundra and Tacoma making the top five. The same goes for SUVs, where Toyota has three of the top five with the Highlander, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser.

So, how long do Toyota vehicles typically last?

The answer to that question depends on many factors, such as how often you drive, how you drive, where you drive, and maybe a bit of luck. But a Carfax analysis shows a typical Toyota lasts around 210,705 miles before it’s considered “worthless” — not worth repairing once it eventually breaks down, Forbes reported.

How many miles is too many on a Toyota vehicle?

This also depends on the car and the number of miles you put on it each year. On average, a car is driven between 12,000 and 15,000 miles per year, according to Erie Insurance. If you drive more than that, your car is considered high-mileage.

In a car’s overall lifespan, around 200,000 miles is when the vehicle is expected to begin the end of its life or at least the point when the car’s value comes close to zero, making it not worth the costs of repairs. In fact, many cars can reach 300,000 miles and still run smoothly, including the best-selling car in the world, the Toyota Corolla.

So, should you buy a high-mileage car? Typically, if the car is within a reasonable number of total miles, you shouldn’t have a serious problem aside from freak accidents or breaks. But you will be better off with a newer car, even if it has more mileage, because of the advancements in technology, safety standards, and parts quality.

Repair costs for Toyota vehicles compared to other automakers


Toyota Tundra – Strong Fourth Horse in a Three-Horse Race

When comparing which car manufacturers are the least expensive to maintain, it’s slightly trickier to decipher because of the variance among car breakdowns, which parts are needed, and the repair costs depending on where you take it (dealer, repair shop, grandpa’s garage, etc.). 

CarMD performed a comparison on its Vehicle Health Index and found the top 10 cheapest brands to maintain. Once again, you’ll find Toyota on the list, but barely.

And coming in at 10 on a Reader’s Digest list, Toyota is behind Mazda, Kia, Dodge, Hyundai, Chrysler, Jeep, Chevy, VW, and Honda (in that order) with an average repair cost slightly greater than $430.

Though they rank highly for reliability and longevity, Toyota vehicles aren’t always the cheapest fix when the check engine light turns on. 

However, they rank at the top of many lists. So it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to buy a car that lasts a long time, a Toyota is definitely worth considering.