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Are you ready to take your driving experience to the next level? Well, Ford is here to make your automotive dreams come true with their BlueCruise hands-free driving system. We’ll dive into the fascinating world of Ford’s BlueCruise technology, discover how it works, and find out which Ford trucks, SUVs, and cars will have this cutting-edge feature in 2023 and 2024. 

What is Ford BlueCruise, and how does it work?

Ford BlueCruise is a revolutionary technology that brings us one step closer to autonomous driving. It’s designed to make your long highway journeys more relaxing and stress-free by allowing your vehicle to take over some of the driving tasks. Think of it as your trusty co-pilot, always ready to assist.

So, how does it work? BlueCruise utilizes a combination of advanced radar sensors, cameras, and GPS data to enable hands-free driving on pre-qualified sections of divided highways called “Blue Zones.” These zones have been meticulously mapped and tested to ensure safe and reliable operation.

When you enter a Blue Zone and activate BlueCruise, your Ford vehicle takes control of steering, braking, and accelerating, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable and laid-back driving experience.

If you’re curious about the nitty-gritty technical details, you can head over to Ford’s official BlueCruise page for a deep dive. But BlueCruise combines state-of-the-art technology with Ford’s commitment to safety to provide a seamless and secure hands-free driving experience.

What Ford models have BlueCruise hands-free driving in 2023 and 2024?

Now, let’s get to the exciting part: which Ford vehicles will be equipped with BlueCruise in 2023 and 2024? Similar to other automakers, Ford is gradually rolling out this high-tech feature across its lineup, starting with more premium models and trims.

You can find the technology on the F-150, F-150 Lightning, Expedition, and Ford Mustang Mach-E. However, it’s important to note that BlueCruise may be available as an optional feature on certain trims or as part of a package.

This approach is similar to General Motors’ strategy with its Super Cruise technology, which is offered in more upscale Chevy, GMC, and Buick models.

How can you find out if your Ford has BlueCruise?


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Discovering if your Ford vehicle is equipped with BlueCruise is as easy as a few clicks or a quick visit to your local Ford dealership. Ford offers an online configurator that allows you to explore different models and trims, including optional features like BlueCruise. Simply enter your vehicle’s make, model, and trim, and the configurator will provide you with a list of available options and their associated costs.

If you prefer a more personal touch, visiting your nearest Ford dealership is an excellent option. The knowledgeable sales team can walk you through the available features, answer any questions you may have, and help you choose the perfect Ford vehicle that suits your needs and preferences.