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Lamborghini is a prestigious Italian luxury sports car manufacturer that has been producing some of the world’s most iconic and influential cars since the mid-20th century. One of the most recognizable symbols associated with the brand is the raging bull logo that adorns the front of all Lamborghini cars. The bull has become synonymous with the brand and represents strength, power, and performance. But what does the bull mean on a Lamborghini? In this article, we will explore the history and significance of the bull symbol and its connection to the brand.

Does the Lamborghini bull have a name?

Lamborghini Logo
Lamborghini logo | Chesnot, Getty Images

The bull has a name: it is the “Raging Bull” or “Toro” in Italian. The bull has been a symbol of Lamborghini since the company’s inception in 1963. Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the company, was a Taurus himself, and he identified with the strength and power of the bull.

The choice of the bull as the company’s logo is also inspired by the fact that bulls are a common symbol in Sant’Agata Bolognese, where the factory is located. The Raging Bull emblem has become synonymous with the brand and instantly recognizable to car enthusiasts worldwide.

Does Lamborghini still name their cars after bulls?

The 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto is the company's new V12 hybrid hypercar
2024 Lamborghini Revuelto | Automobili Lamborghini

Yes, Lamborghini still names its cars after bulls or bull-related terms. The tradition of naming cars after bulls started with the company’s first production car, the 350 GT, named after the 350GT V12 engine that powered the vehicle. Since then, the brand has continued to use bull-related names for its cars, such as the Miura, Diablo, Murciélago, and Aventador, to name a few.

The brand’s latest supercar, the Sián, is also a bull, specifically the Aries Sián, a breed of Spanish fighting bull. The practice of naming cars after bulls has become a part of the brand’s identity and is one of the ways that Lamborghini pays tribute to its heritage and history.

What are the famous Lamborghini bulls?

Lamborghini Murcielago front
Lamborghini Murcielago | Getty Images

Lamborghini has a long-standing tradition of naming its cars after famous bulls or bull-related terms, each with its unique story and characteristics. One of the most famous bulls is the Miura, named after Don Eduardo Miura, a renowned breeder of Spanish fighting bulls. The Miura was also notable for being the first of the company’s supercar to feature a mid-engine layout, a hallmark of the brand’s sports cars.

Another famous Lamborghini bull is the Diablo after a particularly fierce bull fought in Madrid in the 19th century. Likewise, the Murciélago, which means “bat” in Spanish, is named after a bull that survived 24 sword strokes in a bullfight in 1879. And the Aventador, named after a fearless bull that fought in Saragossa, Spain, in 1993. These famous bulls have become an essential part of the brand’s identity, and their names continue to inspire the design and engineering of the brand’s supercars.

Did Ferruccio Lamborghini own a bull?

In conclusion, the bull symbol has become integral to the Lamborghini brand, representing strength, power, and performance. The bull’s significance to the brand is shown by the fact that the company continues to give its cars famous bull names. The brand’s rich history and connection to the bull have helped the brand become one of the most recognizable and prestigious names in the luxury sports car market. The bull logo and the famous Lamborghini bulls have become a part of automotive culture and continue to inspire and captivate car enthusiasts worldwide.


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