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Have you debated over which off-road SUV is the best? Two of the most popular options available are the 2022 Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender. Finally, a video displaying a true test of strength, that we think should become standard for every model. You have to watch these two off-road titans play tug of war in the snow.

Watch the 2022 Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender play tug of war

Both of these SUVs come with plenty of unique features that allow them to stand out from the crowd. Being off-road capable is second nature to them and is basically a standard feature for the models. The most obvious way to figure out which is better overall is by playing tug of war. Finally, an ultimate test of strength that is rivaled only by arm wrestling, in which cars can’t participate.

2022 Ford Bronco vs 2022 Land Rover Defender

A 2022 Ford Bronco four-door midsize SUV in Eruption Green parked in desert terrain
2022 Ford Bronco | The Ford Motor Company

Firstly, the contest will test the limits of each SUV’s horsepower, four-wheel-drive systems, and tires. Mainly because it happened in the snow, one little slip-up means a loss for that side. YouTuber Sam CarLegion is the brilliant person behind putting this test together, and we can’t thank him enough. Motor1 first reported on the video and pointed out that the Defender is notably more powerful, but the Bronco comes with more aggressive tires.

The 2022 Ford Bronco is a Badlands model with the Sasquatch package in the video. Subsequently, it comes with a 2.7-liter V6 engine capable of making up to 330 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, the V6 combines with a 10-speed automatic transmission sending power to all four wheels thanks to its four-wheel-drive system. Most prominently, the Sasquatch package means this Bronco model has 35-inch tires made for off-road traction.

Contrarily, the Land Rover Defender is a four-door P400. Under the hood, you’ll find a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 with a mild-hybrid setup. Consequently, it makes 395 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque combined with 8-speed automatic transmission.

Which off-road SUV is better? (at tug of war)

A 2022 Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender playing tug of war in the snow, off-road SUV battle.
2022 Ford Bronco vs Land Rover Defender in tug of war | Sam CarLegion via YouTube

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Technically, tug of war doesn’t measure the power or performance of a vehicle. It’s more of a fun contest than anything else because whichever SUV loses traction first loses. The 2022 Ford Bronco wins every time in this particular case, thanks to its off-road tires. On a surface like the one used in the video, the Bronco wins every time because it has better traction. Almost immediately after beginning each time (the drivers played four tug-of-war games), the Defender would lose its grip, begin to turn side-to-side uncontrollably and lose.

The 2022 Ford Bronco is the superior off-road SUV for this type of contest. Although tug of war doesn’t make one SUV better than the other, the off-road grip strength displayed by the Bronco is impressive. Shoppers looking to handle smoothly off-road don’t need to look any further than a Ford Bronco with the Sasquatch package tires. We’re curious if the Land Rover Defender was equipped with similar tires, which SUV would win. However, maybe if the Land Rover Defender came with better off-road tires, we wouldn’t have to wonder.