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Defining a family car can mean many different things depending who is asking the question. For some, it means efficiency, while others prioritize interior and cargo space. Others focus on safety features and in-car tech, while versatility is important to many. But what would it mean to make the best family car? One that would take all of those attributes and roll them into one package. That’s exactly what Volvo has done with the V60 Cross Country, and it may just be the ultimate family car.

2023 Volvo V60 Cross Country
2023 Volvo V60 Cross Country

The Volvo V60 Cross Country is Big on Interior Space

As a luxury station wagon, it’s no surprise that the Volvo V60 Cross Country features a versatile cabin space. But it’s the sheer size of that area that makes this wagon one of the best family cars. An impressive 42.3 inches of front legroom and 35.2 inches of rear legroom mean that five-passenger seating isn’t simply a spec-sheet fantasy. Volvo’s off-road wagon can legitimately seat three adults across the back, and the 55 inches of shoulder room bears that out.

Even better, with all seats in place, the V60 Cross Country is good for nearly 23 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s enough room to have five full-size suitcases back there; one for each occupant. And with the split-folding rear seats, that area can open up to over 95 cubic feet if there are no passengers in the way.

Performance and efficiency make the V60 CC an excellent choice

Front view of the off-road Volvo wagon, one of the best family cars on the market.
V60 Cross Country | Volvo

Some form of electrification powers each new Volvo model, and the V60 Cross Country is no different. With a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and mild-hybrid system, the Volvo wagon provides punch and efficiency in equal measure.

Rated for 247 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, the V60 CC packs respectable power. Furthermore, the mild-hybrid system can provide up to 13 additional horsepower and 30 extra pound-feet of torque to aid in low-speed situations, according to Green Car Reports. It’s this combination that helps the hefty wagon achieve up to 23 mpg city and 30 mpg on the highway, even with all-wheel drive.

Volvo’s eternal focus on safety

As with any Volvo, safety is high on the priority list. The 2023 Volvo V60 Cross Country cements its best family car status with a host of advanced driver assistance tech. Sure, the standard stuff us all there; forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, and so on.

However, the Volvo wagon also includes advanced left-turn assist that can detect oncoming traffic that is obscured from view. It’s part of the Intersection Assist system that looks for peripheral hazards to help make life easier in those hectic areas.

The V60 Cross Country is one of the best family cars, but it isn’t perfect

Interior view of the Volvo V60 Cross Country showing infotainment and center console controls
Interior of the Volvo V60 CC | Volvo

Okay, so there is a ton of upside in the Cross Country. But is Volvo’s best family car a perfect choice? Of course not. The starting price nears $50,000, which certainly doesn’t fit every budget. And a relatively short warranty period means it may be better to pick up a Certified model over a brand-new one.

Finally, the infotainment system. While the switch to an Android-based interface helps, Volvo’s display technology still lags behind its competition.

Finding the best family car means understanding priorities

With an all-around great mix of safety, space, and efficiency, one could make a case that the Volvo V60 Cross Country is the ultimate family car. Despite some setbacks, it does a lot of things very well, making it an excellent option overall.

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