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Why did the Floridian go to the doctor? Because he had a sunburn so bad, he was peeling like an orange. So before loading up your cars, SUVs, and other vehicles for your Florida vacation, don’t forget the sunscreen. The entire United States is covered in roads and highways, but sometimes, there’s a fun little story associated with one. For instance, US 1 ends at the Southernmost Point of the United States, way down in Key West. At the corner of Fleming Street and Whitehead Street, you’ll find Mile Marker 0. You can even watch it live on the Key West webcams!

US 1 Mile Marker 0 is a South Florida Icon

Have you ever been to Key West, Florida, where US 1 comes to an end at Mile Marker 0? You’ve probably heard of Duval Street, where everyone goes to party. Perhaps even Mallory Square, where you watch the sun go down. If nothing else, most people know about Ernest Hemingway and his cats with six toes! You can visit the cats at his old house (do it, pet the cats).

Back to Mile Marker 0. US 1, sometimes known as US Route 1 or US Highway 1, ends right in Key West. The sign has become somewhat of a celebrity in its own right. You can actually watch a live stream of Mile Marker 0 on the Key West Webcams.

The other end of US 1 is at the Edmundston–Madawaska Bridge in Madawaska, Maine, 2,369 miles away, Key West Travel Guide says. That’s the northernmost point of the highway and about as opposite as one can get from the weather in Key West. Some say that Florida has the most dangerous roads in the country, but the Key Westians don’t subscribe to that theory.

A symbol of Florida’s Sunshine State Spirit

Duval Street near the Southernmost Point in Key West
Tourists and locals walk down Duval Street | Paul Harris/Getty Images

Depending on how deep you want to get into the US 1 Mile Marker 0 story, it is more than just a sign to the residents. We wrote about the Florida Keys Overseas Highway last week, which is the bridge that connects the 125 miles of Keys to the rest of Florida. It also houses Fred the Tree (if you know, you know).

Some people see Mile Marker 0 as the start of a new journey. Others say it is just the start of a vacation! If you’ve reached the corner of Fleming and Whitehead Street, the party is all around you. It isn’t a coincidence that Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and Key West is a shining example of that!

Duval Street is usually full of convertibles, scooters with drivers in flip-flops, and plenty of people milling about in the sunshine. While there is a lot of travel in and out of Key West, most people on Duval are just hanging out and checking out the sights.

Be sure to stop at Mile Marker 0 for a photo.


A Strange Yellow Line on the Busiest Interstate Was a Dangerous Mistake

If you make it down to US 1 Mile Marker 0, stop for a photo. There are many picturesque places to take a picture in Key West, but Mile Marker 0 and the Southernmost Point buoy are two of the most popular.

All highways start and end somewhere, but it is hard to find a place that beats Key West. No matter how you get there, there is plenty to see. Some folks opt to drive down the chain of keys to the Southernmost Point. There are a few airlines that fly directly into town, too. It is worth the drive to see all the fun Florida things, but it can take three hours or more, depending on the traffic. Plan for five, and don’t forget snacks and suntan lotion.