Toyota RAV4: The Most Annoying Problem You Should Know About

Is there anything more annoying than discovering an issue with a new vehicle after it’s purchased? Too often drivers and owners find themselves in this situation. When it comes to buying cars, the Toyota RAV4 is a very popular choice. The RAV4’s decent reputation and noteworthy sales have helped the vehicle establish a good name for itself. However, some drivers may be surprised to learn that the model has a pretty big problem. Find out everything Toyota RAV4 owners will want to know. 

What are some of the highlights and features of the Toyota RAV4? 

The Toyota RAV4 is well-known for its rugged features and its abilities perform as a compact SUV. The hybrid vehicle gives the feeling a whole new feel and impressive look. Consumer Reports ranked the vehicle in seventh place when looking at the model’s competitors.

The recommended vehicle includes many impressive features that make using the car easy and comfortable. Pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, automatic braking systems give drivers the ultimate peace of mind when using the RAV4. Drivers were happy to hear the vehicle is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Another respectable feature of the car is the fuel economy. The Toyota RAV4 is valued to travel at 27 mpg. The manufactured suggested retail price is estimated at around $25,950 to $36,800.

Overall, the RAV4 has a very noteworthy reputation. However, things weren’t always smooth sailing for the vehicle. Take a look back at some of the most annoying problems Toyota RAV4 owners have reported in the past.

What’s the biggest problem that Toyota RAV4 drivers faced? 

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Despite all the extraordinary highlights and features, the Toyota RAV4 still faced some unexpected trouble. The transmission is the root of most of the problems the Toyota RAV4 experienced. Many drivers have come forward with their experiences.

The main problem seems to be the automatic transmission’s inability to shift correctly. This issue presented in an erratic fashion and put the safety of drivers everywhere at risk. Often, this problem that can be linked back to the vehicle’s ECM would severely limit the control of the driver.

In total, there were 10 models that were affected by this problem. It’s safe to say Toyota RAV4 owners and drivers were less than pleased.

What else did owners and drivers have to say about their driving experiences? 

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Drivers everywhere can totally understand why Toyota RAV4 owners were upset and concerned over the transmission issues. Many drivers began to post about their traumatic experiences in hopes of helping and educating other people out there who might be subjected to the same difficulty.

All the way back in 2001 one driver shared on RepairPal, “On my 3rd transmission and 4th computer. Dang this is annoying. Keeps slipping (first when cold, later more often, and finally will not go into reverse or high gears). I’m beside myself on this one and selling the car while it’s still running. LOVE the RAV4 of this year, but I can’t trust it and I’m thousands into repairing it so often.” 

Unfortunately, this driver wasn’t alone. Tons of stories similar to this one continued to surface all over the internet. Another disappointing element of this problem is the price it costs to repair the issue. A different owner on CarGurus wrote, “I just paid $4500 to have my transmission rebuilt and ECU replaced on my 2002 Rav4 2WD with only 91,000 miles – very disappointing!”

On top of all of this, some RAV4 owners admitted to having trouble when it came to the warranty. Overall, the stories shared by the owners sounded less than ideal. Knowing this inside information, hopefully, it makes more sense as to why the transmission failure was deemed the most annoying problem for Toyota RAV4 owners.