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It’s hard to stop our motors from running when we see the Toyota  IMV 0. This compact truck undercuts the price of the Ford Maverick by thousands and is totally customizable. Check out what you can do with the Toyota IMV 0. 

What is the Toyota IMV 0? 

The Toyota IMV 0 Off-Road Concept in the dirt
Toyota IMV 0 Off-Road Concept | Toyota

The Toyota IMV 0 is an affordable truck that roughly covers the basics. It’s like a modern kei truck and it starts at $10,000. For comparison’s sake, the Ford Maverick starts at $23,400. Sadly, it’s only offered in Thailand, but we think it would do well in America. 

It’s the basic truck that is capable, affordable, and can be fitted for various needs such as towing, off-roading, and overlanding. It can also power machinery and equipment to be used as a tiny food truck. 

The IMV 0 has standard: 

  • Flat glazing for the windshield, rear window, and side windows 
  • A flatbed with no sides (but you can add sides, a drop panel, and more) 
  • Door pockets that double as pulls 
  • Crank windows 
  • Utilitarian interior trim pieces (plastics and rubbers) 
  • Hilux control arms 
  • A coil-sprung suspension in the front/leaf-sprung chassis in the rear that can be easily upgraded
  • Bolt holes for custom accessories 
  • Mounting points for a roof rack 

There’s no heat, air conditioning, touchscreens, digital gauge cluster, or radio. But there are already 100 after-market options to consider. 

It doesn’t have 4×4, which could be an issue in the mud. But it has a five-speed manual transmission. The entry-level 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine cracks out about 139 hp and the 2.4-liter diesel engine provides roughly 150 hp. 

Why isn’t the IMV 0 coming to America? 

To import the Toyota IMV 0 to America, Toyota would have to fit the chicken tax. The 25% tariff would make the basic ruck more expensive, defeating the purpose of an affordable, basic unit. But it might not require too much work to manufacture it in the United States. 

Also, the engines that are offered with the IMV 0 might not meet the higher emission standards in America. However, in our wildest dreams, it can be fitted with the Toyota Corolla engine that provides 169 hp. 

Last but not least, the IMV 0 isn’t exactly safe. It has no airbags and no safety tech. That means it probably can’t pass American safety standards. Adding safety features would add weight and electronics. 

But there’s still hope for a truck that’s smaller than the Toyota Tacoma to arrive. The Toyota Stout could challenge the Ford Maverick soon.