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For the money, you can not get a better car than a C8 Corvette. There! I said it! I’ll stand by it, too. The time I’ve spent behind the wheel of these mid-engine monsters has been nothing short of blissful. Unfortunately for me, I’m not the only one that realizes that. Because of this, used C8 Corvettes have been through the roof price-wise since they came out. Finally, though, it looks like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We recently covered this concept, but this super low mileage top-trim model is really something worth bringing to your attention!

Fully loaded, Only 500 miles on the odometer, and over $10,000 under MSRP – Hallelujah!

Elkhart LAke Blue Used C8 Corvette sold on Cars and Bids for under MSRP despite low mileage and 3LT Z51 package front 3/4 angle short in front of trees on brick
3LT Z51 C8 Corvette | Cars and Bids

If you’re the kind of person who just enjoys watching the car market move around a bit like I am, you’re probably a big fan of Cars and Bids. After all, there’s no better way to keep a thumb on the pulse of car values than to watch what they’re actually selling for. The sale of this 2022 Corvette Coupe in Elkhart Lake Blue with only 500 miles on the odometer was one of my favorite Cars and Bids moments in recent history!

This particular example is a 3LT trim model, which is the highest trim package. In addition, it has the Z51 performance package. That means this car gets all the bells and whistles. Limited slip diff, performance brakes, performance exhaust, magnetic adjustable suspension, heated seats, heated steering wheel, etc. It’s all there. If you build this exact car on the 2024 Corvette builder website right now, the MSRP comes in at $88,090.

Just over a year ago, I got behind the wheel of a used 2021 1LT Z51 coupe in Rapid Blue. Though it was used and carried a base price of around $72,000, the selling dealership was asking over $100,000. Not long after I drove it, it was sold.

This gorgeous 3LT coupe on Cars and Bids, though, sold for only $78,500. That’s nearly $10,000 under MSRP with only 500 miles on the odometer! Hopefully, the owner wasn’t keeping the miles off for that resale flip. Sorry, bucko! The ship sailed on that one.

Will used C8 Corvettes ever be affordable?

Rapid blue 2021 Chevrolet Corvette coupe 1LT sitting in front of foothills during sunrise front 3/4
2021 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 | Braden Carlson, MotorBiscuit

If you’re like me and holding out hope that, someday, used C8 Corvettes will get to the point that they become feasible for us every folk to purchase one, don’t get too excited just yet.

While this is definitely a trend in the right direction, the nearly universal critical acclaim of the C8 Corvette, alongside its reasonable practicality and surprisingly solid fuel economy, are likely to ensure the resale hangs on tight for quite some time. Just take a look at C7 Corvette prices for a clue. They’re still selling for high $30k to mid $40k range prices. Some of them are 10 years old at this point!

Overall, though, I’m just happy to see those who tried to hang onto a C8 and flip it eating crow. The used market and especially dealership markups are ridiculous. Then again, if you find someone dumb enough to pay it, it becomes more of a “don’t hate the player, hate the game” sort of scenario.


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