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If you’re a fan of cars and enjoy chatting it up online with fellow car enthusiasts, there are a handful of great places to do so. A couple of decades ago, the first place you would have gone would have been model or brand-specific forums. Now, though, Reddit is the name of the game for a message board to keep up with automotive ongoings and converse openly with fellow car lovers. Let’s take a look at five awesome car communities you can hop into on Reddit!

The kingpin: r/cars

Cars in traffic on a multilane highway.
Cars in traffic | Sebastian Christoph Gollnow/picture alliance via Getty Images

The r/cars subreddit is sort of the catch-all for anything and everything automotive-related. Whether it’s new model releases, new video reviews, general appreciation of specific models, or virtually anything else, you’re definitely going to find something fun to dive into on r/cars.

My personal favorite thing to track on r/cars is spy shots and interesting stories from automotive history!

Need a laugh? Check out r/justrolledintotheshop

If you want to feel the pain of daily life for mechanics, you’ll want to visit r/justrolledintotheshop.

Whether it’s cars that “make a noise when turning” that have an entire piano crammed into the suspension or cars so full of trash that there’s only room for the driver, you’ll find it here.

For the sake of keeping it family-friendly, we’ll exclude the name of this one in this headline

1984 Toyota Land Cruiser Series 70 truck after rolling down a mountain.
Toyota Land Cruiser Seires 70 | Khalid Al Ajmi

If you’ve ever seen a terribly modified car and thought it couldn’t get worse, I assure you it can. While I can’t really type out the name of this subreddit, I can send you to it by requesting that you click right here.

Inside, you’ll find cars with modifications to them that you could never imagine having the gusto (or desire) to put on something you drive down the street. One thing is for sure, you’ll find something to laugh about.

Looking for something satisfying? Check out r/autodetailing

A white Volkswagen Polo GTI being sprayed with a pressure washer and soap at a car wash
Volkswagen getting washed | Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images

Whether you’re looking for advice for getting your car squeaky clean inside and out or just want to see some amazing detailing transformations on customer cars, r/autodetailing is the place for you.

You wouldn’t believe how filthy a car can be. Moreover, you wouldn’t believe what a great detailer can recover a car from. If you want to see cars go from zero to hero, this is your place!

If you want to build some repair knowledge, check out r/mechanicadvice

A mechanic repairing an electric car.
Electric car mechanics are few and far between | LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images

This subreddit is chock-full of awesome insight from experienced mechanics. Whether you want help working on your own car, have a question about a certain part, or need to know if you’re being overcharged by a mechanic, r/mechanicadvice offers you solace!

So, there you have it! Reddit offers all sorts of awesome insights, automotive buying advice, and general entertainment for car lovers. If you need quick answers from a real person or just want to chat with like-minded folks, these subreddits will tickle your fancy!


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