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You can think of it like an hourlong holiday for motorheads. Toyota just dropped its configurator for the all-new 2024 Tacoma. Time to take a few minutes off work to play with ways you might spec out a brand new Tacoma. Go ahead. You know that’s what the rest of us are doing.

One reason this is a special occasion is how rarely Toyota redesigns its trucks. This automaker has been building the third generation Tacoma since 2015. That’s right, America’s favorite midsize has been mechanically unchanged for nearly a decade. The configurator’s launch confirms some important details about the 2024 Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota configurator render of the 2024 Tacoma PreRunner
2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road | Toyota

Firstly, its base MSRP will be $31,500. That price comes with some sticker shock: it was $28k and change for 2023. The redesigned Tacoma will still be cheaper than the Ford Ranger, but not by much. All-told Toyota jacking up the price by $2,900.

Another important confirmation is that the hybrid i-FORCE MAX powertrain isn’t yet available. We expect to see it halfway through 2024, so Toyota engineers have time to iron out any kinks and get hybrid manufacturing stood up on all the Tacoma assembly lines. Until the 326 horsepower/465 lb-ft I4-based hybrid drops, Tacoma buyers must settle for the regular 228 horsepower/278 lb-ft I4.

The TRD Pro rock crawler and Trailhunter overland rig will be i-FORCE only, so Toyota isn’t going to bother selling these trucks until the new engine is ready.

Black Toyota Tacoma Prerunner special edition midsize pickup truck.
2024 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner | Toyota

I’ll be honest, the new “TRD PreRunner” looks sick. It has composite skid plates and a locking rear differential. This desert-racer-inspired trim starts at $38,100, making it the most cost-effective special edition. I just wish Toyota offered it with a manual.

The Tacoma is differentiating itself by sticking with the stick shift into its fourth generation. You can get the six-speed manual on TRD Sport and higher trims. Yup, in 2024 three pedals is an upmarket option. But I wouldn’t call it an upsell because it slices $1,100 off the truck’s total price.

Every i-FORCE MAX hybrid Tacoma will have the automatic. So that means that you can only order the gear stick on a TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, or a Limited.

Check out the Toyota Tacoma configurator for yourself, or watch a breakdown of the new trims in the video below: