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Many drivers have a close personal connection and much love for their cars. Whether it’s the freedom and opportunities that cars provide, the lasting memories they create, or a style that reflects one’s own personality, there are various reasons for people’s love of cars. With so much affection for our vehicles, it’s only natural that we give them nicknames. Are you trying to think of a good name for your car? Here are several tips to help you choose the perfect one.

Why do people name cars? — and how to choose a good one

Front angle view of orange Ford Mustang with Dracarys and Bob nicknames, highlighting tips to choose good name for car
Ford Mustang | Andre Tan via Unsplash

For many, a car is much more than just a mechanical vehicle. It’s almost like a close friend, a pet, or even an extension of themselves. So by naming a car, you infuse it with a sense of personality. You also forge a closer bond with it and gain a greater sense of ownership, as detailed by Axle Addict. Additionally, in some cases, naming a vehicle can influence one’s driving behavior, for they feel the need to live up to the nickname.

Axle Addict and Parade suggest several factors to consider when giving your car a nickname. This includes:

  • Type of car
  • Use for the vehicle
  • Color
  • Your personality
  • Gender

Type of car

Giving a name based on the type of car provides some obvious suggestions. Is it a fast sports car? Nicknames such as Scorcher, Burner, or Roadrunner would fit the bill. For a big SUV or truck, you could choose names like Gorilla, Bigfoot, or Everest. Conversely, possible names for small cars include Peanut, Teacup, or My Little Pony. Also, if you have an old vehicle, then Grandma, Grandpa, Quaker Oaks, or Old Geezer would apply.

Use for the vehicle

Next, consider the primary use of your vehicle. If it’s for off-road adventures, then consider names such as Adventurer, Globetrotter, or Bushwacker. If it’s to haul your family around, then consider Grocery Getter, Mommy Missile, or Daddy Driver. Or if it’s just a car to commute to work, then how about Boss or The Grind? 

Name your car after the color

Another way to give a nickname for your car is to base it on the color. For a black car, you could name it Shadow, Black Mamba, or Dark Knight. Or if it’s white, how about Blizzard, Polar Bear, or Marshmallow? For an orange or yellow car, you could name it Sunset or Dracarys (Game of Thrones reference). Also, potential nicknames for a red car include Cherry Bomb, Ladybug, or Clifford, the Big Red Car. And if you go blue, then you could name it Tidal Wave, Blueberry, or Cookie Monster.

Nickname of the car based on your personality

Taking a deep look into your personality can also provide some good car names. Are you fun-loving, easy-going, eccentric, emotional, studious, or hot-headed? Additionally, you can give a car a nickname that’s not only based on your overall personality — but also your personality while driving. 


Many people also like to give cars gender-specific nicknames. In the past, cars often had female names — but these days, people frequently choose male ones as well. The list of possible male or female names is endless.

Use your imagination for a car name

Ultimately, you can name your car whatever you want, so use your imagination to think of a good one. You can go wild and choose a bizarre name based on a unique life experience, a mythological creature, or your favorite TV show or movie. Conversely, you could ironically choose a traditional name such as Bob or Mary. The key element is to pick a nickname that infuses your car with a sense of personality — so that you can make a closer connection with it while on your drives. 


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