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Toyota has a bit of a reputation for making solid SUVs. Some of its most popular sport utility vehicles are the least complained about SUVs in recent years. Check out the best years for the Toyota Sequoia, 4Runner, and RAV4, but be sure any relevant recalls have been addressed before signing any paperwork.

The 2009 Toyota Sequoia is one of the least complained about SUVs

This Toyota Sequoia is one of the least complained about SUVs
A 2009 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

There isn’t much going on on the Car Complaints listing for the 2009 Toyota Sequoia. For an SUV more than 10 years old, that is relatively uncommon. Nine complaints are listed for a few reasons, like the brakes being an issue and some engine problems. One driver complained about body/paint issues, which is to be expected after a certain amount of time.

The brakes seem to be the biggest issue that owners complain about across all years. While the 2009 SUV is one of the least complained about SUVs, one driver did note that the anti-lock brake system was not working as anticipated.

If that isn’t enough, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also lists the complaints from drivers. One owner on the NHTSA listing for the 2009 Toyota Sequoia noted that the SUV sputtered while driving. Another said the air intake was causing problems and needed to be replaced twice in four years.

Toyota’s 2013 4Runner is one of the least complained about SUVs

The 2013 Toyota 4Runner also made the list of least complained about SUVs. It only has 57 complaints after almost 10 years on the market, which is always a good sign. Some of the most common problems are for the brakes and engine. While some drivers reported that the brakes locked up after hard braking, others said the brakes didn’t work uniformly.

Of all the Toyota 4Runner years, 2013 was among the least complained about SUVs. It offered fewer issues than most years, which is a good sign since this SUV has been on the market for so long. If there are a few years to avoid, the 2003 and 2004 4Runners have the most complaints. The most-reported problem is excessive rust and corrosion, so be on the lookout for that if you are in the market.

Some of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recalls relating to the exploring airbag inflator, a common issue at the time. This resulted in three of the six recalls.

The 2000 Toyota RAV4 is old enough to drink but doesn’t have many issues

Another Toyota with fewer complaints than the average vehicle includes the 2000 RAV4. There are only 41 complaints against the compact SUV this year, with most of those minor engine problems. For a 23-year-old automobile, a little bit of rust is to be expected. A few drivers complained about a rusted engine cradle and a failed control arm, but these things would likely need to be replaced at some point.

Before buying the 2000 Toyota RAV4, ensure all recalls have been addressed. The parking lock rod and the front disc brake rotor need to be replaced, and the same airbag inflator might rupture and cause injury.

Even though these are the least complained about SUVs, it is good to know what other drivers have experienced. Reliability is more important than ever to potential customers, and these options have proved dependable. Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle running its best for as long as possible.


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