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Big corporations in the United States buy a lot of American made cars. These include vehicles like delivery trucks, equipment vans, and other service cars. For example, a company like Sherwin-Williams has thousands of locations all around the country, so it needs a good number of trucks to transport paint from factories to its storefronts.

In an effort to show its pride for being an American company, these corporations tend to buy a lot of cars from the Big Three: GM, Ford, and Chrysler. USA Today posted a list of the largest Big Three corporate fleets by company. Their cars aren’t the most expensive, but it’s estimated that these companies will buy 3.2 million new vehicles in 2019. Here are some of the companies that purchase the most American made cars.


This company is responsible for supplying TV, internet, and phone service to millions of Americans across the country. When customers have problems with their television or phone connection, they usually call a technician for help.

AT&T workers need vans that can carry all of the necessary tools needed for fixing connection problems, installing new satellites, and setting up cable boxes. AT&T also purchases boom trucks, which have cranes mounted on the back for easier access to high installation spots and damaged telephone poles. This company owns a little over 80,000 service vehicles, with over 76,000 of those manufactured by the Big Three automakers.


If you make a lot of online purchases, you’re probably very familiar with this shipping company. FedEx makes an estimated 3.4 million deliveries across the United States every day. In order to service all of its customers, the company primarily purchases big box trucks and delivery vans. These amount to a total of 68,208 American made cars. It was also the first shipping company to start using hybrid electric vehicles.

Johnson Controls

This company is responsible for the production and installation of heating, air conditioning, security systems, and other equipment for residential buildings. It also supplies automotive companies with many vehicle components such as batteries and interior technology.

This company buys utility vehicles as well as big box delivery trucks to service its customers across the country. Johnson Controls owns 19,636 fleet vehicles and every vehicle was produced by one of the Big Three.

Advance Auto Parts

This company is the leading provider of new and replacement automotive parts in the United States. In addition to car parts, you can also find components for lawnmowers, boats, ATVs, and motorcycles.

The company mainly purchases big-box trucks to transport all of its wares from its factories to its 5,000 store locations. It also buys pickup trucks and other vehicles with a lot of cargo space to provide customers with a home delivery service. Advance Auto Parts owns a fleet of 13,814 cars and only 138 of them were not produced by the Big Three.


Pepsi truck
Pepsi truck | Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

Just like Johnson Controls, each one of the vehicles in PepsiCo’s fleet and manufactured by each of the Big Three automakers. This company is responsible for many popular snack foods and beverages, such as Mountain Dew, Lays potato chips, Doritos, and of course Pepsi.

You can find these products in numerous grocery stores and fast food establishments around the country, so the company needs a lot of box trucks in order to make its deliveries. The company also purchases hybrid electric cars for its fleets.

In addition to its wide variety of products, PepsiCo is responsible for providing jobs to 263,000 people across the United States, and most of these are truck driving positions. Because of its sizeable amount of workers, PepsiCo needs a large fleet of capable American made trucks.