The Strangest-Looking Buick Is Only Sold in China

The sleek, spacious 2021 Buick GL6 Mild Hybrid is a compact MPV that is currently only available in China. GM recently refreshed this Buick, according to GM Authority. It features a new powertrain and a cabin that is class-leading in both space and technology. Here’s what you should know about this unique vehicle.

Specs and features of the 2021 Buick GL6

The Buick GL6 parked outside. This model is sold only in China
The Buick GL6 | GM

The 2021 Buick GL6 now exclusively features a mild-hybrid powertrain, which, according to the automaker, is the biggest change in this refreshed vehicle. It comes with a turbocharged Ecotec 1.3-liter three-cylinder engine combined with a 48-volt electric motor and battery. It makes 161 hp and gets 38.6 miles per gallon.

The GL6 Mild Hybrid is available in Elite, Luxury, and Premium trims, which start at approximately $22,770, $24,290, and $25,810, respectively. This lineup has a long list of standard safety features. These include lane departure warning, automatic parking assist, forward collision alert, and side blind zone alert.

Other standard features include a Buick Live Sound audio system and a panoramic moonroof, as well as a nano-level PM2.5 purifying air conditioning system. GM Authority notes that these features “help create a comfortable and refreshing environment” within the cabin.

What makes the GL6 stand out from the competition

The Buick GL6 Mild Hybrid is designed to provide an improved ride experience to families in China. Its status as a luxury minivan immediately sets it apart, as it has a unique, sedan-like appearance not often associated with MPVs.

Thanks to its new powertrain, the Buick GL6 is fairly quiet. This creates a more pleasant driving experience, combining the feel of a luxurious cabin with the practicality of a minivan. This vehicle also starts and accelerates more smoothly than previous GL6 models.

The GL6 also stands out thanks to its fuel economy. According to GM Authority, the vehicle’s 38.6 miles per gallon average is an improvement of 7.6 percent when compared to the previous model.

The Buick GL6 Mild Hybrid is class-leading when it comes to interior tech. It combines its infotainment system with its digital instrument panel, creating a dual 10.25-inch display that stretches across the dash and gives the GL6 a futuristic appearance. 

Another area where the GL6 stands out is in its size. With a maximum cargo capacity of 53.7 cubic feet, this luxurious minivan offers the most spacious cabin available in its segment. This roominess is further enhanced by the vehicle’s flexible seating configuration, which makes it easy to transport both passengers and large items simultaneously.

An affordable addition to Buick’s MPV lineup


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The Buick GL6 Mild Hybrid is being released by SAIC-GM, and is only available in China. This compact MPV is joining GM’s impressive lineup of minivans, including the GL8 Avenir, the Gl8 Classic, and the GL8 ES.

The GL6 is placed slightly below the GL8 model in terms of price so that it can compete within the more affordable minivan market. By comparison, the GL8 Avenir’s price ranges from $65,300 to $75,200 — significantly more expensive than even the Premium GL6 trim. 

In other words, the GL6 offers luxury and space at a price point that is more accessible, thus enabling the Buick MPV lineup to capture a greater share of the market. GM Authority even asserts that with the addition of the GL6, Buick has “the broadest and most modern MPV lineup in China.”

Although it is not available in the U.S., the Buick GL6 Mild Hybrid is a striking vehicle that stands out in the Chinese market. Its affordability combined with its luxurious appearance and spacious interior make this a Buick unlike any offered in North America.