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The Honda CR-V has been a segment leader for decades, while the GMC Terrain has tried to play catch-up. This year, things aren’t too different. The 2020 Honda CR-V still reigns supreme over the 2020 GMC Terrain in most categories. But does that tell the whole story?

There’s an industry adage that Hondas are dependable. It’s even gotten to the point where it’s become a cliché. If you look out at a children’s soccer field’s parking lot, you’re sure to spot a Honda CR-V (and probably a few 15-year-old Odysseys, too). 

Honda has consistently been a top choice when it comes to reliability, especially for families. However, the 2020 GMC Terrain just may have become a contender in the category according to recent consumer reports. 

The 2020 GMC Terrain has a bright future ahead

2020 GMC Terrain on display in a showroom
2020 GMC Terrain on display | Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Consumer Reports’ review of the 2020 GMC Terrain isn’t all too flattering, but it does give the compact SUV pretty favorable marks in dependability. The only grey area noted in its 4/5 predicted reliability score was its in-car electronics.

Meanwhile, Consumer Reports’ predicted reliability score for the 2020 Honda CR-V isn’t what many would expect due to the manufacturer’s reputation. While certainly not at the bottom of the class, the 2020 CR-V only scored 3/5.

Additionally, the 2020 Honda CR-V was recalled for a rear subframe issue that can decrease handling capability and lead to crash risk. The 2020 GMC Terrain has not yet received any recalls.

Does this mean we’re likely to see a new industry leader in dependability? Likely not. The GMC Terrain’s predicted reliability has ebbed and flowed over the years, but it has been trending upward since the SUV’s redesign for 2018. Meanwhile, the Honda CR-V’s has stayed relatively stable, hovering around average to well above average.

Regardless, the 2020 model year of the GMC Terrain is one to watch, as it scored higher in all dependability categories than it’s previous years. What this could mean for the GMC Terrain in years to come is yet to be seen, but it’s undoubtedly a coo for an often-overlooked model.

Where does the 2020 Honda CR-V stand out?

2020 Honda CR-V on display in a showroom
2020 Honda CR-V at an auto show | Photo by Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Consumer Reports rated the Honda CR-V significantly higher than the GMC Terrain in predicted owner satisfaction and the road test.

Traditionally a value-packed machine, the 2020 Honda CR-V offers more of the same that you’d expect. It delivers an EPA-estimated 30 MPG city/highway combined. In comparison, the Terrain’s standard engine gets three MPG fewer, and its available engine gets six MPG fewer. Plus, the CR-V lineup features a hybrid model for eco-conscious drivers.

Your guests won’t confuse the Honda CR-V with a luxury vehicle, but it does feature quality, soft-touch materials inside the cabin. Despite the GMC Terrain being billed as a premium vehicle, it still features hard plastics throughout its interior.

Once again, shoppers shouldn’t only judge these compact SUVs based on past reputation.

Which SUV should you invest in?

The 2020 GMC Terrain certainly surprises with its impressive predicted reliability ratings. However, it just can’t measure up to the value, performance, and reputation of the 2020 Honda CR-V.

Those buying a compact SUV in 2020 would fair best to stick with the Honda CR-V. Although, the GMC Terrain is a vehicle to keep your eye on in the future if it can continue its reliable ways and start providing more value to its owners.


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