The 2018 Honda CR-V Is a Reliable 3-Year Old SUV

Shoppers searching for a compact SUV usually start looking at brand-new models on the showroom floor. One, the Honda CR-V, is the perfect option. But if you bought it new, you’d be looking at a sizable price tag

Consumer Reports agrees the Honda CR-V is a great compact crossover. But maybe you should look into buying a 2018 model instead. A pre-owned CR-V will get you the features you want without breaking the bank.

A used Honda CR-V might be better than a new one

Buying a brand-new vehicle lets you be the first owner. However, that privilege comes at a price. You would pay a ton to own it. Buying one used would help you save money. But, of course, you risk getting one with a ton of issues that could creep up on it. 

Purchasing one that’s three years old offers many of the same features of a brand-new model but at a much lower price. Plus, three years is the age of most leased vehicles. Once the lease ends, the vehicle often goes up for sale on the used market at a discount. These cars tend to be well maintained.

Vehicles lose their value rapidly in their first few years. Once they’ve reached three years, they’ve depreciated about 30 percent of their original price. So you can get a barely used car for a fraction of a brand-new vehicle’s price. 

What’s to like about the 2018 CR-V

Consumer Reports believes the 2018 CR-V stepped up its game in that model year’s redesign. One of the improvements was its fuel economy. 

Driving on city roads, you can expect to get 20 mpg, but when traveling on the highway, you’ll get an impressive 37 mpg. Consumer Reports’ 2018 CR-V got 28 mpg combined, one of the best ratings in that class. 

The interior also saw some much-needed changes. The wheelbase got two inches tacked onto it, allowing more cabin space and backseat legroom. Even the cargo capacity is impressive with 36 cubic feet. 

Two engine options power the 2018 Honda CR-V. The base model LX comes with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder, while the EX comes with a 1.5-liter turbo that generates 190 hp. Both motors allow the CR-V to achieve decent acceleration times. This Honda manages a 0-to-60 mph run in 8.2 seconds. 

Is a 3-year-old CR-V a good value?


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The 2018 model is about as close as you can get to a new Honda CR-V. The major difference, of course, is the price. A base-model 2018 CR-V will likely cost you around $19,000. 

If you choose a model loaded with features, you might pay as much as $26,000, depending on the mileage and condition. Standard safety assist features include forward-collision warning, blind-spot warning, and automatic emergency braking. 

However, the base model doesn’t come with those features, so you’d have to find one of the higher trims. Add to all of that a seven-inch touchscreen on the infotainment system, and you have a solid vehicle. 

The Honda CR-V is a great compact SUV with many benefits. To get the most for your money, consider going used. But stay within the last three years. The 2018 model is an ideal choice.