The 2017 Toyota RAV4 Is the Peppy Used Car You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s hard to go wrong with a used Toyota RAV4. But if you’re interested in one the more affordable and modern versions, you might gravitate toward the 2017 RAV4  model. The 2017 RAV4 shines for its excellent reliability ratings; it’s recognized for its peppiness too.

What it’s like to drive the 2017 Toyota RAV4 

A Toyota RAV4 Hybrid takes to the Toyota 'Blizzard to the Beach Test Track' at the 108th Annual Chicago Auto Show
The Toyota RAV4 | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The RAV4 was one of the best-selling cars of 2017, and for a good reason. This Toyota is wonderfully practical and offers plenty of helpful features. When it was new, critics, including Consumer Reports, thought that the RAV4 rode better than its class rivals and gave it a perfect predicted reliability score.

The 2017 RAV4 is part of the fourth generation, which launched in 2013. For 2017, the RAV4 came with a 176-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a six-speed automatic transmission. CR road testers enjoyed this Toyota for its refinement, secure handling, and quickness. Similarly, many owners of the 2017 RAV4 appreciate their SUV for its peppy nature, as highlighted by CR’s member survey. 

“The new 2017 Rav4 computerized transmission shifts so smoothly you feel nothing, just acceleration. It also is very economical when you select the ECO mode. Or if you select Sport Mode you will accelerate so fast you better make sure no cops are watching … no joke! The handling is instant, and the new Lane Assist is great for highway driving to warn you if you start crossing lanes. Also the radar feature will break the Rav4 if kids, dogs or people walk in front of you. The new technology…”

Leonard P., AZ (2017 Toyota RAV4)

Some owners also said that they were happy the RAV4’s acceleration didn’t comprise its fuel economy. The 2017 model has an EPA rating of up to 26 mpg overall. Separately, the hybridized version of the RAV4 earned praise too. The 2017 RAV4 Hybrid is a worthy choice if you value fuel efficiency and has an EPA rating of up to 32 mpg overall.

Cabin comforts 

The RAV4 is a two-row SUV that can seat up to five people. Some 2017 models will have the standard cloth upholstery; others will have Toyota’s faux-leather upholstery. Generally speaking, critics said that the model had upscale touches but felt it looked pretty basic.

According to CR’s member survey, owners gave mixed reviews regarding their SUV’s comfort. Some said riding in the 2017 RAV4 felt like riding in a limo because it’s comfy and quiet. Others felt its seats were too narrow. What owners seem to agree on is that the RAV4’s advanced safety features are valuable.

All 2017 RAV4 models come with Toyota’s Safety Sense. This package includes active safety features, including forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking. Additionally, owners especially appreciate the RAV4’s pedestrian detection function. This RAV4 also comes with a few connectivity features, including Bluetooth; some versions will have more applications, including Siri Eyes Free.


A white 2016 Toyota RAV4 off-road.
2016 Toyota RAV4 | Toyota

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The RAV4 is one of the most affordable SUVs you can own. The average price for a 2017 model falls between $18,050 – $24,875. Depending on mileage, you may be able to find models for even lower.