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Tesla Motors released its first vehicle in 2008. The electric vehicle and clean energy company has risen to the top of the electric vehicle industry. Tesla shouldn’t get too comfy at the top because seasoned American automaker Ford is on its heels with two new amazing EVs. Tesla and Ford’s electric vehicles are selling by the thousands despite this tumultuous time of economic uncertainty. Which company will dominate the electric future?

Tesla is the problem child that America has grown to love

Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk stands in front of the newly unveiled all-electric battery-powered Tesla's Cybertruck
Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk stands in front of Tesla’s Cybertruck | Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Tesla is nothing if not innovative. The company plays by its own rules (like its CEO Elon Musk) for better or worse. Tesla has introduced features that had not existed in the automotive industry. It has also been scrutinized and painted as controversial for years. Is Tesla the future of automobiles, or is the company falsely advertising its true capabilities?

Tesla’s Autopilot scares and intrigues consumers. Several incidents have occurred due to the Autopilot feature. Its legality is being questioned as some Tesla owners use the feature irresponsibly. The Autopilot feature was designed to help drivers avoid accidents. The feature is having the opposite effect and is now under serious investigation.

Tesla has long been criticized for making claims about the Autopilot feature that don’t add up. While it is marketed as a feature that takes over for the driver, Tesla recently clarified that drivers must be attentive while Autopilot is engaged. Still, despite the controversy surrounding the automaker, it is leading in electric vehicle sales for 2021 with no signs of letting up.

Tesla knows what the people want

A red Tesla Model 3 electric car is seen at the Automobile exhibition area during the third China International Import Expo CIIE in Shanghai, east China, Nov. 6, 2020.
A Tesla Model 3 | Xinhua/Ding Ting via Getty Images

When Tesla models were first introduced to the market, they were expensive luxury performance cars that the average American citizen could not afford. Tesla has continued to produce models that boast amazing performance and are extremely luxurious, but it has also introduced more affordable options.

The folks at Tesla realized to scale the brand, Tesla had to be more accessible. Thus the Tesla Model 3 sedan and Tesla Model Y SUV were given starting prices of $39,999. Electric vehicle tax incentives can bring prices for both vehicles down to under $34,000.

Suddenly most Americans could afford Tesla models, and both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y offered great battery range. Tesla developed a brand around performance and quality and then gave the average consumer amazing options in the automotive industry’s two most competitive vehicle classes. The Tesla Model 3 quickly became one of the most popular cars in the industry.

Tesla models include several exclusive features such as Arcade Mode and Dog Mode. The company has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology. Assuming that Tesla will continue to dominate EV sales for the years to come would be a fair prediction…if the competition wasn’t so stiff.

America’s favorite just got with the times

2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E with Ice White package.
2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E with Ice White Package | Ford

American automaker Ford has existed for over a century. Unlike Tesla, it has had the luxury of building a reputation through decades of incredible lineups and vehicles. Ford has been through its up and downs, but it has remained one of America’s favorite automakers. Ford has been playing the game for much longer than Tesla, and it knows how to please consumers.

The Ford Mustang is a staple in muscle car culture. The Ford F-150 is the quintessential pickup. Ford owes much of its success to these two nameplates, and it has cleverly staked its future on them. Ford has finally entered the EV race, but instead of starting from scratch like other automakers, it is electrifying some of its flagship models.

The Ford F-150 Lighting is America’s favorite pickup truck but electrified. It also has an awesome frunk and can even function as a power generator. The F-150 Lighting base model can travel 230 miles, which is competitive by today’s electric vehicle battery range standard.

Ford’s answer to the popular Tesla Model Y Suv is the first-ever Mustang SUV…oh, and it’s electric too. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is an electric SUV that boasts power, an attribute usually foreign to electric vehicles. The entry-level Select trim can travel 230 miles on a single charge as well. It can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.2 seconds.

Tesla Vs. Ford

The frunk on the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is ridiculous
The frunk on the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is ridiculous | Ford

Tesla is currently selling more electric vehicle units than Ford. That being said, semiconductor chips have crippled Ford’s vehicle production. Few buyers have been able to get the Ford EVs that they ordered yet. Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y EVs are much more common in person at the moment.

It’s hard to say which company will dominate the electric future, but Tesla has a huge headstart. As long as Autopilot issues don’t worsen, it is smooth sailing for the electric vehicle company. Ford has taken steps to become a contender in the EV space, but the semiconductor shortage has clipped the company’s wings just as it was starting to reach new heights. However, according to Electrek, the Ford F-150 Lighting is still in incredibly high demand despite slow production.

Ford is surprisingly the underdog in this matchup, but it could easily catch up and overtake Tesla depending on the reception of the Ford F-150 Lightning. The future is uncertain, but it will surely be fun to watch. Which American company do you think will dominate the electric future?


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