Which Tesla Model Has the Longest Range?

Tesla has been making luxury mass-market electric vehicles far longer than any other automaker. Its investments in public charging stations and home charging solutions have made its cars more palatable to EV skeptics. In fact, there’s growing public demand for both new and used models. 

For consumers, charging anxiety has posed the most significant obstacle to buying an EV. So it should be no surprise that the EV record holder for the longest range is a Tesla. Before taking a look at this model, let’s see how some of the brand’s other vehicles compare.

Tesla Model Y, Model X, and Model 3

Model X

The Model X, Tesla’s largest vehicle and the larger of its two SUVs, comes in two trims: Plaid and Long Range. The Plaid can go 340 miles on a single charge. The Long Range can travel a bit farther. Its maximum range is an impressive 360 miles after a full charge. 

Model Y

The Model Y compact crossover SUV has the shortest range of all Tesla EVs. It also comes in two trims: Long Range and Performance. The latter can achieve 303 miles on a full charge, while the Long Range fares slightly better at 326 miles. For perspective, though the Model Y ranks last in range among Tesla models, it outperforms most other EVs on the market.

Model 3 

The Model 3 sedan comes in three trim levels. Each offers a different range. As with all Tesla cars, the range is the primary differentiator among trims. The base model is the Standard Range Plus, with a maximum range of 263 miles. Next up is the Performance, achieving 315 miles. The premium Long Range lives up to its name, touting a 353-mile range. 

Tesla Model S

Boasting the longest range is Tesla’s reliable flagship, the Model S. It’s the vehicle U.S. News recommends over its closest competitor, the Porsche Taycan. Similar to the Model X, the Model S comes in two trims: Plaid and Long Range.

The Plaid trim boasts a maximum estimated range of 390 miles. That’s impressive, but the Long Range holds the title: It breaks the 400-mile barrier with a whopping 412 miles on a single charge. 

According to MotorTrend, the Tesla Range Plus was the first EV to break the 400-mile range with 402 miles. That trim is no longer for sale on Tesla‘s website, indicating the company replaced it with the new Model S Long Range.

The Future Ruler of Range: The Tesla Model S Plaid Plus


What Tesla Model Is the Best?

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Tesla says it plans to release the Plaid Plus trim in 2022. The EV maker claims this trim will get an incredible 520 miles, another record-breaking feat. The company hasn’t indicated if it plans to follow it up with a Long Range Plus variant. If it does, and Tesla sticks to the meaning behind its naming convention, that model would likely exceed 520 miles.


Besides its impressive mileage, the Model S offers several other noteworthy features. Its sleek exterior with flush-to-surface door handles contributes to its minuscule, 0.208 drag coefficient. The company claims it’s the lowest on Earth. Tesla says the low drag and lighter materials are two reasons why this EV is so efficient. 


The performance-oriented Plaid trim operates on a tri-motor all-wheel-drive platform. Its three motors generate a combined 1,020 hp, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in an insanely fast 1.99 seconds. The energy-efficient, 670-hp Long Range operates on a two-motor, all-wheel drivetrain. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a crisp 3.1 seconds, not much slower than the Plaid. 

Tech features

A vast, 17-inch center console display dominates the cockpit. From there, drivers can control the climate in three zones, set up navigation, monitor vehicle status while driving, and even access the Model S’s preloaded karaoke library for sing-alongs on the road. 

When parked, the system allows users to stream movies from their Netflix, Hulu, or Hulu+ Live accounts. And an impressive 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system provides premium-quality sound.

Interior space

Front legroom is a spacious 42.7 inches, MotorTrend reports. Rear seating is also roomy and easily accommodates three adults with 35.4 inches for legs. The center seat can transform into a stowable armrest so that second-row passengers can store USB controllers for the vehicle’s console-quality games on the rear center console display. 

There’s also plenty of storage space in the Model S. The front trunk offers 2.1 cubic feet of space, while the rear compartment provides 26.6 cubic feet. If you need additional room, fold the rear seats down for 58.1 cubic feet.