Ariel Atom at 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed
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Airel Just Made The Perfect Car Even Better

How can a car that doesn’t have doors, a windshield, a roof, or even a body be improved? I know what you’re thinking; Ariel must have added the missing parts. They did not. The Ariel Atom was perfect when it first came out in 2000. To be clear, I don’t mean mechanically perfect, its spiritually …

White-framed Ariel Nomad Tactical parked on a gravel road
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The Ariel Nomad Is a Street-Legal Baja Buggy

Side-by-side UTVs may be tons of fun, but they’re not exactly street-legal. And while there are plenty of off-road trucks and SUVs on the market, they don’t have quite the same raw appeal. Safari 911s and modified Miatas, as well as a handful of supercars, come a bit closer. But for tackling both the urban …

Red Ariel Atom 4 being driven by a helmeted driver down a country road
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The Extremely Minimalist Ariel Atom Came From Motorcycles

Sometimes, automotive technology—up to and including whole engines—ends up in motorcycles. And it’s not unheard-of for car companies to make bikes. Both Triumph and BMW are examples of that. But it’s rare for a motorcycle company to be resurrected as an automaker. And yet, that’s what happened to Ariel, the brand which makes the hyper-minimalist …

Ariel Atom

Can an Ariel Atom be Daily Driven?

Driving a die-hard race car every day sounds like a good idea to any car enthusiast, gear head, automotive journalist, etc. But in reality, it’s probably not. In fact, we would most likely all be better off driving a Toyota Avalon for daily duties. But it sure is fun to fantasize. So here’s something to …