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Subaru provides standard Symmetrical AWD in all vehicles except the BRZ sports car, but this feature doesn’t give drivers a license to be reckless. Recently, the driver of a Subaru WRX learned this lesson the hard way when they attempted to pass a semi-truck in front of a snow plow on a snow-covered two-lane road. For most of us, these road conditions would be enough to avoid passing or any speedy/dangerous driving maneuvers, but not for this particular driver.

What happened to the Subaru WRX during the passing maneuver?

As depicted in the video posted to the New York State Department of Transportation account on X, the passing vehicle crashed into a snow plow on the snowy road. Motor1 reports that this resulted in the car being sliced in half from the sideways collision with the plow. Thankfully, the front half of the car remained intact, and nobody was injured in the crash.

This accident should warn anyone driving in snow to slow down and be much safer on the roads. Also, vehicles equipped with AWD and 4WD aren’t immune to accidents on icy, cold, and slippery roads, so drivers must be more cautious.

What are some important driving tips for those going out in the snow?

The AAA reports more than 500,000 vehicle crashes and 2,000 road deaths annually on snow-covered roads. This should serve as a warning to slow down and take it slow. If you must drive on snow-covered, icy roads, Kelley Blue Book provides some great winter driving tips to help drivers stay safe and avoid collisions like the one described above.

  • Remove snow and ice from your vehicle
  • Decrease speed while driving
  • Minimize distractions
  • Use AWD and 4WD if equipped
  • Keep a full tank of gas
  • Use sand if tires get stuck
  • Teach your teen drivers about driving on wintry roads
  • Respect snowplows
  • Keep your eyes open for deer
  • Look for black ice
  • Don’t use cruise control
  • Clean headlights and taillights regularly
  • Steer in the direction of a skid
  • Use emergency supplies as needed
  • Keep a winter survival kit in your car
  • Ensure your vehicle’s maintenance is up to date
Cars With Wipers Up in Snowstorm, this is old, but outdated advice.
Cars With Wipers Up in Snowstorm | Wikipedia Images

Should you put your wipers up when it snows?

Some people believe wipers should be in an upward position when it snows. They think this helps prevent the wipers from freezing to the windshield. Although the logic sounds pretty good, doing this can damage the springs. A better way to keep your wipers and vehicle free of snow is to use a car cover or plastic sheet over the windshield.

Hopefully, the driver of the Subaru WRX learned a valuable lesson about driving in snow and is pretty lucky not to be among the AAA death tallies. If you encounter winter weather, slow down, take it easy, and reach your destination safely.