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A recent internet meme pokes fun at Subaru for effectively selling only the Crosstrek, just in different sizes. Or, in the case of the Solterra, an electric Crosstrek. Still, there are still two venerable sports cars in the Japanese automaker’s lineup, the WRX and BRZ. While both models are lauded for delivering sports car thrills for those with meager budgets, recent WRX and BRZ sales could signal an end to a surge in their popularity among buyers.   

Through February, WRX sales are down a steep 44 percent from this time last year. BRZ sales are down nearly 30 percent. Automotive sales will always fluctuate due to market conditions, sales, supply and other factors. However, these figures could be the beginning of the end of a honeymoon period for the two models’ sales.

The WRX surged among buyers in the latter part of 2023, likely coinciding with the release of the 2024 model. Monthly year-over-year sales of the sport compact were up over at least 30 percent throughout the second half of 2023. Annual sales of the WRX were over 24,000 units, a 32-percent increase over 2022. But December also marked the beginning of its recent slide. Monthly sales were down 37 percent in December. January saw a 41-percent decrease, and that figure continued to fall in February.

A red 2024 Subaru WRX on a road
2024 Subaru WRX | Subaru

The BRZ is suffering a similar fate. Total 2023 sales of the coupe were up 25 percent at 4,188 units sold following a strong second half of the year. However, sales have dropped 16-, 25- and 34-percent monthly year-over-year since December.

Sales of the BRZ’s sister, the Toyota GR86, were down 7.7 percent annually in 2023. Toyota only releases quarterly sales figures, so it remains to be seen if its sales are also down to start 2024. To note, the GR86 is certainly more popular than the BRZ. Toyota sold over 11,000 GR86s last year to just over 4,000 BRZs.

Still, the WRX and BRZ remain highly compelling offerings, even if recent sales show they aren’t performing as well at dealerships as of late.

The WRX and BRZ remain mostly unchanged for 2024, but each model now offers new trim with added performance kit.

The new WRX TR is now the range-topping model of the lineup. It features sport-tuned springs, Recaro seats, Brembo brakes Bridgestone S007 tires, and other kit from the factory. The BRZ tS is a new trim in a similar vein — offering factory installed performance parts many tuners would otherwise install. The BRZ tS includes larger brake rotors and Brembo four-piston brake calipers in the front and Hitachi suspension dampers. The tS also sports a unique grille and other aesthetic features inside and out.