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Carbon fiber is a material that high-end cars often wear on their exteriors. So, why do high-performance cars use it, and is it really worth the price hike? Toyota recently announced a limited-edition 2022 Supra, which will feature carbon-fiber trim. This is a variant of the new Supra, slated to come out this fall.

Read on to find out more about this special-edition 2022 Toyota Supra, how it incorporates carbon fiber into its design, and why carbon fiber is so expensive.

The special-edition 2022 Toyota Supra with carbon fiber

A white 2022 Toyota Supra A91-CF (carbon fiber) sits in a wind tunnel
2022 Toyota Supra A91-CF (carbon fiber) | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Toyota recently announced it will launch a special-edition 2022 Supra later this year. The new edition is the A91-CF, with “CF'” standing for “carbon fiber.” We don’t know the release date yet, but Toyota revealed details about it earlier this year.

Aesthetically speaking, the new Supra comes with plenty of carbon fiber trim. According to Toyota, the material covers the “sleek front splitter, side rocker panels, rear lip spoiler, and rear canards.” The carbon fiber gives this new edition a high-end look.

More about the 2022 Toyota Supra carbon fiber edition

This special Toyota Supra will be sold only in North America and see a limited run. Toyota says it will produce only 600 examples before discontinuing the model. Though the automaker has yet to reveal the price, MotorTrend reported in July that it would start at $64,275, “making it the most expensive GR Supra to date.” This is well over $20,000 more than the base price of the standard 2022 Supra, which runs $43,190.

To further increase the car’s value, Toyota says it will add a free National Auto Sport Association membership for a year. The membership typically costs $49 annually and comes with perks such as free admission to many of its events and discounts from vehicle-related partners.

Besides the carbon fiber trim, the other main differences between the special-edition 2022 Toyota Supra and the standard model are exterior aesthetics. It will have matte-black 19-inch wheels with a pop of color thanks to the red brake calipers. Other than this, it’s mostly the same. The six-cylinder engine makes 382 hp. The higher price is mainly due to this Supra’s scarcity, though carbon fiber isn’t cheap.

What do high-end cars have carbon fiber, and why is it so expensive?

The material is a mix of carbon fibers and resin, creating a reinforced plastic. The fibers are woven together, creating a material that many high-end car brands tend to incorporate into their models. This is because the material is quite expensive, although it has a number of benefits that make this material worth the higher price.

Carbon fiber is an extremely strong material due to its woven nature — so strong, in fact, it holds up better than steel. But despite its strength, it’s incredibly lightweight. So a lighter body helps make the most of a powerful vehicle’s engine. One of the main factors slowing a car is weight. Reducing the weight allows the car to go faster than it could otherwise.

The material is also highly prized for its aesthetics. Its woven appearance adds intricate texture to any surface. Keeping it exposed adds a unique element to a car’s design. Some auto manufacturers choose to use it as trim, and others opt to use it on the whole vehicle. Either way, carbon fiber serves its aesthetic purpose well.