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Key Highlights:

  • The redesigned 2024 Honda Accord gets more tech and luxury than the Kia K5
  • The K5 offers more front seat space than the Honda Accord
  • The Kia K5 is faster, the Honda Accord is more efficient
  • Starting price for the Kia K5 is $25,290, the 2024 Honda Accord starts at $27,895

The 2024 Honda Accord is a stunner. So much so that it’s taken the midsize sedan sales mantle from the inevitable Toyota Camry. But lurking in the shadows is the Kia K5. And while the 2024 Honda Accord turns more heads, the Kia K5 brings a stronger fight that you might expect.

What the Kia K5 gets right

2024 Kia K5 GT from the rear
2024 Kia K5 GT | Kia

At the base level, the Kia K5 is a cheaper option than the Honda Accord. The base Accord starts at just under $28,000, while the K5 kicks off at a shade over $25,000. But the $2,500 gap doesn’t tell the whole story. Sure, the Honda Accord features a punchier base engine than the K5, but with nearly identical torque, the Kia feels just as lively.

Furthermore, both the K5 and Honda Accord come standard with advanced driver assistance features. With automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, and collision warning in both Kia DriveWise and Honda Sensing, the two offer remarkably similar driving experiences.

However, the Kia K5 adds even more kit, even at the base level. The cheapest K5 bests the Accord with standard rear-cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, and a driver monitoring system in every model.

Honda Accord vs Kia K5 Performance Comparison

Honda AccordHonda Accord HybridKia K5Kia K5 GT
Engine:1.5L 4-cyl Turbo2.0-liter 4-cyl Hybrid1.6L 4-cyl Turbo2.5L 4-cyl Turbo
Torque:192 lb. ft.247 lb. ft.195 lb. ft.311 lb. ft.
Fuel Economy:29 city/37 hwy51 city/44 hwy27 city/37 hwy24 city/32 hwy

Which is the most comfortable midsize sedan?

A side view of the 2023 Honda Accord.
2023 Honda Accord | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit
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In addition to their similar performance, the midsize Kia and Honda sedans closely compare on interior comfort. However, the Kia offers considerably more front legroom than the Honda, so taller drivers and passengers may prefer the Korean four-door.

On features, both are available with leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats, and a power-sliding moonroof. Both the Kia and Honda midsize sedans are available with dual-zone automatic climate control with rear seat vents.

2024 Honda Accord vs Kia K5 Interior Comparison

Honda AccordKia K5
Front leg room:42.3 in46.1 in
Front headroom:39.5 in40.2 in
Front shoulder room:57.9 in 58.0 in
Rear leg room:40.8 in 35.2 in
Rear headroom:37.2 in37.8 in
Rear shoulder room:56.5 in56.1 in
Cargo space:16.7 cu. ft.16.0 cu. ft.

There is no clear winner in the Kia vs. Honda fight

While it’s easy to point to Honda’s reputation as a selling point, in reality, there is little to separate the Kia K5 and Honda Accord. The Accord Hybrid’s efficiency and larger cargo area make it a more practical choice. But the Kia K5’s turbocharged power and sport-tuned suspension make it a more enthralling drive. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you want out of a car, more than anything a chart can tell you.