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Electric vehicle startup Rivian has recently taken steps that hint at a potential future in electric bikes. The company is known for its electric trucks and SUVs. Still, recent trademark actions and personnel additions at Rivian suggest that the company could also look to e-bikes in the future. However, if Rivian is ever to get into the e-bike market, they will have to overcome production issues.

Delays have become standard for Rivian

Rivian logo, potentially maker of an e-bike, on the back of the truck.
Rivian logo | Getty Images

If Rivian is to unveil an e-bike, it likely will not happen until production issues for their current vehicles are resolved. The company released its first consumer vehicle, the R1T electric truck, in late 2021, but Engadget reports that this release was delayed from an estimated 2020 launch. Pandemic-related issues and the chip shortage contributed to this delay, and a particular trim of the Rivian R1T with a 400-mile range is delayed still.

Deliveries of Rivian’s R1S electric SUV have also recently been delayed. Car and Driver state that customers who pre-ordered the R1S were told that their new Rivian vehicle will arrive sometime between August and December 2022. Rivian cited issues with the supply chain as being responsible for the delays. 

The company also faced production issues with their commercial vans for Amazon. The electric vehicle manufacturer has a deal to provide Amazon with 100,000 electric vans before 2030. However, in addition to supply chain and chip issues that have affected the automotive industry in general, Rivian has encountered another production difficulty with these vans. TechCrunch reports that a complaint from Rivian against a seat supplier could further impact production. 

Why e-bikes could be the future for Rivian

According to Electrek, Rivian previously filed trademarks to use the Rivian name in contexts associated with electric bikes. This trademark would cover anything from Rivian electric bicycles overall to even things like bike horns. However, it is important to note that filing a trademark is standard for a company regardless of whether Rivian produces e-bikes. Trademarks like this guarantee that no other company could make e-bikes and use the Rivian name. 

Another notable e-bike-related development at Rivian has been the hiring of someone who previously worked for an e-bike company. Before joining Rivian, Chris Yu worked for Specialized Bicycle Components, a company known for Turbo e-bikes. At Rivian, Yu’s title is VP of Future Programs.

Neither the trademarks nor the hiring of Chris Yu means that Rivian will get into the electric bike market, but it could be a sign of things to come. E-bikes would fit nicely into the Rivian brand, which focuses on taking their vehicles on outdoor treks.

Current Rivian vehicles in production


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Currently, Rivina is focusing on the R1S and R1T, which is their own electric SUV and pickup truck.

The Rivian R1T pickup received critical acclaim for its impressive power and range. MotorTrend gave the R1T the title of 2022 Truck of the Year and noted how it is not only impressive for being an electric pickup but rather an impressive pickup overall. It has a high price tag that sits well over $70,000, but Rivian justifies the luxury price of the R1T with plenty of off-road potential and a range of 314 miles per charge.

Once again, the Rivian has not yet delivered the R1S to customers, but there is enough known about the electric SUV to start getting excited. Many aspects that critics loved about the R1T will likely be present in the R1S, and Car and Driver estimate that the R1S will be able to get from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. Also, like the R1T, the Rivian R1S will be quite expensive, with a starting price of $91,075.