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In January 2023, Ken Block died in a tragic snowmobile accident near his ranch. The world lost a legendary rallycross driver, generous philanthropist, and one of the best ambassadors the motorsports world has ever had. Little did we know it: Ken Block had left us one more gift: he had filmed his final Hoonigan “Gymkhana” video in Mexico city: Electrykhana 2.

The Hoonitron is a one-off electric supercar Audi built for Ken Block. His daughter, rally racer Lia Block, said she’d never seen Ken touch anything electric. Then Audi called. They offered to build him a custom car and, in true Ken Block fashion, he asked if they could base it on the Sport Quattro S1 which dominated rally in the late 1980s. They said OK.

The S1 Hoonitron is built around not one, but two motorsports-grade electric drive units stolen from Formula E. The result is 4,400 lb-ft of total torque. No, that’s not a typo. It’s like this thing has four Cummins turbodiesels under the hood.

The car has a custom carbon fiber body. The Hoonigan team was concerned about the vehicle lasting through stunt after stunt, so Audi packed it with four battery units from an Audi Q7. Try as he could, Ken Block never managed to deplete it bleow 30% before plugging it into the charger for his lunch break.

It is, frankly, one of the most amazing motorsports machines built to date. See Ken Block show off his new wheels ahead of his final film in the video below:

Ken Block and his Hoonigan team debuted the S1 Hoonitron in their “Electrikhana: Las Vegas” video. The name is a play on Block’s “Gymkhana” series. In past videos he has spent a few days filming mind-blowing stunts on and around the major landmarks of Paris, Hollywood, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Tianmen Mountain in China, and Utah.

When motorsports fans heard about Ken Block’s death, many went and rewatched his Las Vegas video and said a solemn farewell. So when we got one last YouTube notification, “New Ken Block film” some of us about swallowed our tongues.

Audi's S1 Hoonitron in a Ken Block Gymkhana/Electrikhana video in Mexico City.
The Audi Hoonitron | Hoonigan via YouTube

In November 2022, mere weeks before his untimely death, the Head Hoonigan in Charge (Block’s official title at Hoonigan) took Mexico City by storm and filmed Electrikhana Part 2.

Mexico City is truly one of the most beautiful cities in North America. Its wide range of landmarks is on full display in Electrikahan TWO: from the traditional bullring where Block opens with one of the longest burnouts I’ve ever seen an AWD do, to the Palm Roundabout which he revisits between legs of his journey. And I can’t blame him: Ken Block at the wheel of the Hoonitron can literally complete donuts inside a larger donut. You have to see it to belive it.

So without any further ado, enjoy Ken Block’s Electrikhana TWO:

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