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There’s no doubt that the Mk5 Toyota Supra (2020-2021) is an amazing sports car that can be driven every day. It might not be the most practical, or even the fastest, sports car that you can buy, but it definitely presents a great value for the price point. And while the Supra is an excellent car, your perspective can change over time. Here is what you need to know if you’re going to buy a Toyota Supra and keep it for a while.

Toyota Supras driving side by side
Toyota Supras driving side by side | Toyota

The 2020-21 Toyota Supra is a blast to drive

The folks over at Car and Driver conducted a long-term test on a 2020 Toyota Supra for a year. During that time, they logged 40,000 miles on the odometer and reported their findings. First and foremost, the car is a blast to drive. Sure, the 2020 model had nearly 50 hp less than the 2021 model, but it doesn’t really matter.

Carlos Lago, an editor and Car and Driver, reported that the car was able to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds and down the quarter-mile in 12.2 seconds. That’s fast enough for any streetcar and it’s impressive considering the car’s putting out 335 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque. Statistics aside, the Supra is fun to drive at any speed. Lago commented that the Supra “has a lot of traction but also really good communication from the steering and really good communication from the brakes.”

Car and Driver even recorded that the Supra could achieve 1.05g on the skidpad, which is a lot of grip. One thing is for sure, if you buy a Mk5 Supra to drive every day, you’re definitely going to have a lot of fun.

There is not much cargo room for the long haul

If you do plan on driving a Toyota Supra every day, then it’s important to know what to expect from the car’s interior. The seats are supportive and comfortable and there’s a good amount of cabin space for both the driver and passenger. However, you better make sure to duck when getting in and out of the car because the roofline hangs really low in the doorway.

Another point to bring up is the car’s cargo room or lack thereof. Yes, there’s a trunk that you can store stuff in, but it only measures 10 cubic feet. That’s about enough for a backpack or two, but not much more.

The window buffeting is terrible

2021 Toyota Supra interior
2021 Toyota Supra interior | Toyota

Do you like to drive with the windows down on a nice summer day? Do you long for the wind blowing through your hair while you listen to the Supra’s turbocharged 3.0-liter engine sing through the rev range? That’s too bad, because you won’t really be able to hear it if you roll down the windows. The buffeting effect is so bad, especially once you get up to around 55 mph,  that you’ll regret it right away and learn to keep them up.

There’s not much ground clearance

The Toyota Supra only has 4.5 inches of ground clearance, which is actually decent for a sports car. However, if you live in a snow state and are planning to drive a Supra around all year, then you might want to keep that measurement in mind.

“When the snow got heavy on the ground, the car would routinely get stuck and a lot of our staffers had to dig out the car to free it. They would start driving and immediately get stuck again. If you live in the snow belt, the Supra is a three-season car,” Lago said.

Having any maintenance done at the dealership can cause confusion

2021 Toyota Supra in yellow on a racetrack
2021 Toyota Supra in yellow | Toyota

Here Is Why You Should Never Lease a 2021 Toyota Supra

While Toyotas are typically cheap and easy to maintain, the same ethos goes for the Supra, for the most part. Car and Driver spent around $4,120 in one year for routine maintenance items like the oil change, oil filter, cabin filter, and inspections in addition to a new set of tires and an alignment. According to Lagos, the toughest part was getting the car serviced by the correct dealership.

“We ran into situations frequently with Michigan-based Toyota dealerships where we would call them and schedule an oil change or what have you, and they didn’t do it because they didn’t stock the specific BMW fluids that the car called for during service,” Lagos said. “This lead to situations where they couldn’t take the car immediately or at all, or they would delay the service for an extended period of time while they acquired that fluid.”

That all being said, if you plan to buy a 2020-21 Toyota Supra, you may run into issues at your local Toyota dealership to get it serviced. However, your results may vary depending on your location.

Overall, the Toyota Supra is a blast to drive all year round, if you can do it. But even if you can’t, it still makes for a good three-season car that’s reliable, but also has its fair share of quirks.