Not Every Chevrolet Dealer Will Sell the Mid-Engine Corvette

The latest Corvette Stingray was finally unveiled a few weeks ago after months of anticipation. It hasn’t been released yet, but no one in the automotive world can stop talking about it.  In addition to its classic Corvette body and powerful mid-engine, Chevy boasts that the C8 entry is faster than many more expensive vehicles in its class.

The 2020 Stingray has a relatively low price tag considering all of its impressive stats and features. However, not every car dealership will be permitted to sell this groundbreaking new sports car. If dealers want to offer their customers the latest Corvette, they must meet certain requirements. The folks over at Jalopnik recently reached out to a Chevrolet spokesperson to find out the details.


In order to become eligible to sell any Corvette, a dealer must become a certified Corvette dealer. The Corvette doesn’t share many parts with other Chevy vehicles, so it warrants specialized service tools and additional training, as stated by Chevy spokesperson Chris Bonelli To begin the certification process, auto sellers will need to email Chevrolet and request to become Corvette certified dealers.


After Chevy gives dealers the green light, the training process can begin. Dealers will have to take online courses as well as complete in-person training at the Spring Mountain Corvette Driving School located in Pahrump, Nevada. During this program, car dealers will have the opportunity to test drive the newest Corvette for themselves to develop first-hand knowledge of all of the vehicle’s inner workings. The cost of this training is projected to be around $3500.

Dealers will also be trained to handle any issues and concerns from customers regarding the Corvette. The Corvette is a powerful vehicle, but it needs proper care to stay functional. Without the knowledge tools provided by this course, dealers would not be able to explain to customers what to expect from driving it, how often it needs to be serviced, and other maintenance requirements.

The Corvette sales specialist

It can be extremely frustrating when car dealers don’t have a lot of knowledge about a particular car, especially the one you want to buy. When drivers invest thousands of dollars into a supercar, they want to know everything about the vehicle and be secure in the knowledge that the dealership will be able to properly service the car when needed. Because of this, Chevrolet requires that a dealership’s service advisor or service manager must attend the training program with the dealership’s owner.

After successful completion of the online and in-person training, the service manager will be known as the Corvette Sales Specialist. This individual must be an active member of the staff as long as any Corvette is for sale at the dealership. Although the dealer themselves can be recognized as the Corvette sales specialist, having multiple people who have completed the training will add the dealership to the list of Signature Corvette dealers. The Signature dealer program is said to have even more special training involved, but the details are still unknown at this time.

Service tools

The Corvette cannot be serviced with the standard tools used on most vehicles. Chevrolet has developed a set of specialized tools that the dealership’s service department must purchase in order to sell the C8 Corvette. While some speculated that the cost of these tools would be as much as the vehicle itself, Chevrolet clarified that the total cost would be less than $20,000.

If the dealer had already be certified prior to the C8’s release, the cost of these tools is expected to be much lower. One report stated that the addition of the 2020 Corvette’s servicing tools would cost a mere $1500, but Chevrolet has yet to confirm the exact number.