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Is your dog part of your family? Most of us consider our four-legged furry friends as a member of the family. In fact, in some households, the dogs are often treated better than the children. To meet the needs of our four-legged family members, Nissan introduced the Rogue X-Trail 4Dogs as a concept model in 2017. This version of the Nissan Rogue is offered in Europe but not in the United States.

The Nissan Rogue X-Trail 4Dogs has to be the best SUV for dogs

Nissan Rogue X-Trail 4Dogs - This fully-equipped cargo area makes it the best SUV for dogs
Nissan Rogue X-Trail 4Dogs | Nissan

Although we can look at several SUVs and understand their appeal to dog owners everywhere, none are equipped quite like the European Rogue which has dogs in the name. This concept model has the right equipment for families that take their furry friends along for the adventures.

This Nissan compact SUV features a cargo area packed with the perfect combination of items for two dogs to enjoy the comfort of the rear space safely. Some of the items are made to allow owners to hose off their dogs after a muddy hike in the wilderness.

What does this Nissan SUV include to make it great for dogs?

Nissan Rogue X-Trail 4Dogs Emblem on the rear hatch
Nissan Rogue X-Trail 4Dogs Emblem | Nissan

The space behind the rear seats of the Nissan Rogue is separated from the passenger space by a metal divider, which makes it the perfect suite for the canines along for the ride. This area measures 15.7 cu-ft and features several items that make it the perfect place for dogs to be comfortable.

The X-Trail 4Dogs has a pull-out shower that makes cleaning muddy paws and debris from your furry friend easy. This shower is ideal for taking your dog with you for some fun in the wilderness.

Once clean, dry your dog with the dog dryer, which provides a jet of air. This helps make wet fur dry and appealing once again. There’s also a ramp at the rear of the cargo hold, offering easy access to the rear area for the canine. This ramp means you can stay mud-free during cleaning. That could be important when you need to get behind the wheel.

The Nissan Rogue X-Trail 4Dogs asl includes an integrated drying system in the cargo area. It supplies warm air to the space to completely dry the dog’s fur. Once in this space, your dog can settle down in the comfortable integrated bed. They can also enjoy a drink from the no-spill water bowl, or eat a snack from the dog treat dispenser.

How can dogs stay safe in the rear of this Nissan Rogue?

The Rogue X-Trail 4Dogs is the best SUV for dogs because of its dog-related features and the safety items added. Nissan tells us this rear area features a clip-on harness hook to make it easy to hook your pet and ensure they stay safe in case of an accident.

You’ll also keep an eye on your pet using the “dog-cam,” which gives you a view of the rear cargo space on the infotainment screen. An audio link allows you to speak calmly to your furry friend while they’re in the rear.

Unfortunately, the Nissan Rogue X-Trail 4Dogs never made it to the United States. It is sold in Europe as a great option for dog owners to enjoy the best SUV for dogs.

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