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Maintenance costs are a vital consideration when shopping for a new or used car, as frequent or major repairs can negate any dollars saved at the dealership. Nissan’s models have long been affordable options for the segments in which they compete, but how does the automaker stack up for maintenance costs? According to RepairPal, one Nissan model stands out with the lowest average annual maintenance bills, and it’s not either of the brand’s lowest-cost models, the Versa or Versa Note.

Nissan owners have generally low maintenance costs overall

RepairPal ranks Nissan as No. 9 out of 32 automakers for its reliability rating, giving the brand’s models better than average annual maintenance costs. Nissan’s reliability rating is based on yearly maintenance costs, the frequency its models require repairs, and the severity of those fixes.

Nissan models require an average of $500 per year in repairs, $152 less annually than the average among 32 automakers. Nissan’s average costs are higher than that of Honda, which has the lowest cost among automotive brands for annual maintenance costs at $428 per year, as well as Hyundai ($468) and Toyota ($441). However, Nissan models typically have lower prices than those from Mitsubishi ($535 per year), Chevrolet ($649), and Ford ($775).

The Nissan with the lowest maintenance costs is an SUV

It is usually safe to surmise models with the most affordable initial cost will carry the lowest maintenance bills. However, that’s not always the case, and it isn’t for Nissan. While the Versa and Versa Note economy cars may cost less at the dealer, the Nissan that brings the lowest average maintenance costs is the Rogue Select SUV.

The Rouge Select was manufactured for the 2014 and 2015 model years. The Rogue nameplate was redesigned and made larger in 2014, but Nissan continued to sell the previous generation as a new model, the 2014-15 Rogue Select.

The Rogue Select has an annual maintenance cost of $436, which RepairPal notes is No. 4 lowest among 26 compact SUVs, giving the Nissan model “excellent ownership costs.” A Rogue Select requires an average of 0.3 trips to a repair shop each year, and the potential of the SUV requiring “severe” repairs is 10%, which is below average for compact SUVs.

RepairPal notes the Rogue Select does not have any commonly reported issues, suggesting the models do not have consistent problems rather than a complete lack of necessary repairs.

The Rogue Select’s maintenance cost versus the Versa

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The Versa has long served as Nissan’s entry-level model, and though it does have higher average repair costs than the Rogue Select, the Versa won’t necessarily break the bank on maintenance.

The Nissan Versa Note, the model’s hatchback variant, has average annual maintenance costs of $445, just $9 more per year than the Rogue Select, according to RepairPal. Like the Rogue Select, the website does not list any commonly reported issues for the Versa Note.

The Versa sedan’s maintenance costs are slightly higher at an average of $456 per year. A commonly reported issue for the Versa is the fuel pressure regulator potentially bleeding pressure overnight, impacting 2007-2011 models. Another issue is A/C condenser damage.