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The Nissan 'A to Z' lineup of vehicles at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show
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Nissan Debuts Ariya and Proto Z in ‘A to Z’ Lineup at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show

This year at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show, Nissan debuted the Ariya, the Proto Z, and more in a thrilling 'A to Z' collection, allowing car buyers to explore the new models as they learn what sets Nissan apart from the rest.

It is not unusual to discover that some car owners opt for the same brand when acquiring a new automobile. The reason, in part, is that people tend to fall in love with the first car brand they buy, and it may take time before deciding to switch to a different one. For that reason, automakers like Nissan research and focus on building vehicles that address the needs and demands of clients, and some of their models go to the extent of winning awards.

Once that is done, car manufacturers introduce new car models to the market, which happen at auto shows in most cases. This year at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show, Nissan debuted the Ariya, the Proto Z, and more in a thrilling ‘A to Z’ collection, allowing car buyers to explore the new models as they learn what sets Nissan apart from the rest.

Recent Nissan’s rebranding efforts

The Nissan 'A to Z' lineup of vehicles at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show
The Nissan ‘A to Z’ lineup at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show | Nissan Motor Corporation

Our lives are as much digital as they are physical. That means that strong brands should have effective touchpoints in both realms. That is part of the reasons why Nissan has undergone recent rebranding efforts, starting with its logo. The company’s outgoing logo is a beacon that serves as the driving excitement that Nissan cars provide, an identity, the first greeting between clients, a business card, and a handshake.

Meanwhile, Nissan’s new logo comes alive while pivoting to the future and remaining in touch with its rich heritage and tradition of innovation. The new logo features the company name at its center, which is the case with the previous one. In turn, that communicates an instantly recognizable brand that evokes memories and milestones of the past while conveying evolution at the same time.

As shown at the Chicago Auto Show, the brand’s EVs will feature an exclusive illuminated version of the new logo lit by 20 LEDs. The number of LEDs corresponds to the period between logo redesigns. It also serves as a visual reminder that Nissan is moving toward an electrified future. The new logo will also be incorporated across multiple mediums, including digital advertising, letterheads, dealership signs, and social media.

Note that one of the four iterations will allow the new logo the flexibility to respond to different communication points. The implication here is that the new logo will “come alive” in particular video and digital applications as it pulsates and shifts against various backgrounds. That, in turn, will allow the logo to reflect today’s ever-changing environment and the adaptability that’s necessary to remain intriguing, exciting, and relevant.

The Nissan Chicago Auto Show ‘A to Z’ event

After almost two years of introducing virtual products, Nissan celebrated the opportunity to showcase its new autos on stage in Chicago. The Nissan Ariya and Proto Z were some of the Nissan models displayed at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show.

The Nissan Ariya is the all-new electric crossover poised to compete with Tesla Model Y, the Mustang Mach E, Kia EV6, and Hyundai Ioniq5. The car is a 4-door crossover, and its projected range will be about 300 miles. Also, the Ariya will be available with a free driving system and offers two battery sizes. Additionally, the Ariya has two powertrains with front-drive models that get a 63-kWh battery and a single 215-horsepower electric motor. On the other hand, all-wheel drive models, dubbed e-4ORCE, get an 87-kWh battery and twin motors rated at 389 horsepower.

The Nissan Ariya is capable of DC fast charging and offers ProPilot 2.0. Also, one can drive hands-free on single-lane highways, thanks to this second-generation semi-automated driving system. As much as that is the case, drivers will still need to be attentive on the road. The reason is that sensors disable the system if a driver is distracted. All in all, as shown by its reception at the Chicago Auto Show, the Ariya seems to be a model worth waiting for.

In the case of the Proto Z, the model is a sign of Nissan’s intent to launch the next generation of its legendary sports cars. The vehicle has styling cues that pay homage to 50 years of Nissan Z heritage, making the Proto Z a thoroughly modern two-seat sports car. The Nissan Proto Z is powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine that drives rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. Inside the cabin, you will realize that Proto Z seeks to blend modern technology with vintage Nissan Z touches seamlessly. Also, hints of Nissan’s past are identifiable in the Proto Z’s instrumentation.

The only difference is that the instrumentation in the Nissan Proto Z bears modern interpretation with a 12.3-inch digital display arranged so that a driver can grasp it at a glance. That includes the redline shift point at the 12 o’clock position. Yellow accents feature throughout the Proto Z’s cabin, and its vintage steering wheel offers quick access to controls. Additionally, the car’s seats feature layered material to create depth, and it also comes with special accent piping.

Other new Nissan models at the Chicago Auto Show


The Cars You May’ve Missed at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show

Apart from the Ariya and the Proto Z, Nissan’s ‘A to Z’ collection at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show featured other exciting models, according to Nissan News USA. These included the boldly redesigned 2022 Frontier mid-size pickup, the all-new, rugged 2022 Pathfinder eight-passenger SUV, the new 2021 Kicks compact crossover, the new 2021 Armada full-size SUV, and the all-new 2021 Rogue crossover.