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  • The Porsche Taycan gets its first facelift in 2024
  • A new model tops the Taycan range, called the Taycan Turbo GT
  • Porsche aims to set a new Nurburgring EV lap record with the 2024 Taycan Turbo GT, taking down the Tesla Model S Plaid and Rimac Nevera

The EV wars are hotter than ever, and range isn’t the only statistic automakers aim for. In the performance EV game, the Tesla Model S Plaid and Porsche Taycan have already traded blows once. And now, the German outfit is aiming its next all-electric missile directly at Tesla’s high-performance contender.

2024 Porsche Taycan spotted testing at the Nurburgring

The Nurburgring, a 12.94-mile ribbon of asphalt splashed across the German countryside, is a haven for manufacturers and auto enthusiasts alike. Considered the ultimate litmus test of a performance car, this narrow, bumpy, undulating track presents a challenge unlike any other.

As such, lap time at The ‘Ring has become a sort of benchmark. And with each new generation of sports car, GT Car, and now EV, a Nurburgring lap has become a sort of marketing exercise, as much as anything else.

But this half-marathon of German race track is also an excellent test bed for roadgoing performance. Because its tarmac is so varied, weathered, and undulating, it requires a balance of quality bump damping and sharp, responsive handling.

If, instead, automakers tested cars on the picture-perfect pavement of Silverstone or Watkins Glen, there would be no requirement for shock absorption. As such, any car even hinting at performance would end up being F1-level stiff. Chiropractors the world over would never want to work again.

It’s this blend of challenge and imperfection that makes the Nurburgring the site of today’s EV war: Tesla Model S Plaid vs. Porsche Taycan GT.

How the Taycan Turbo GT aims at the Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid lost the Nurburgring record to the Porsche Taycan
Tesla Model S Plaid | Tesla

The flagship 2024 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT takes on the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Sapphire and is rumored to come with a third electric motor. The UK-based Autocar spotted the 2024 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT at the Nurburgring, and a few new design elements immediately grabbed attention.

Firstly, it’s clear that Porsche is using its motorsports development to make the Taycan Turbo GT the fastest production EV. A massive rear wing, front splitter with endplates, and revised air curtains indicate that downforce and aerodynamic efficiency are both clear goals of the updated Porsche EV. Those new air curtains also call for revised headlights, though not much else changes from the current Taycan four-door.

How much horsepower will the 2024 Porsche Taycan have?

So far, Porsche isn’t saying much about its 2024 electric sports car lineup. And while the 2024 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT is confirmed, specifics regarding its engineering and horsepower targets remain under wraps. However, don’t be surprised to see north of 1,000 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and adaptive suspension among the list of performance options.